Delta Leaders Move To Make Igbuya Speaker

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The victory of the Delta State House of Assembly Majority Leader, Hon. Monday Ovwigho Igbuya in the April 11 Assembly elections in Sapele has been described as a welcome development by Delta State leaders.
Meeting under the aegis of Delta State Political Leaders Forum (DSPLF) in Ughelli, the leaders on Friday praised Igbuya for serving the state dutifully. They also called on the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and lawmakers-elect to make the member representing Sapele Constituency the next speaker of the House.
A statement by the Director of Communications of the DSPLF, Mr. Sylvester Oguma said the leaders based their choice of Igbuya as the next speaker of the state assembly on the core attributes of competence, integrity, courage, initiative and focus. .
 The statement said “Igbuya has all it takes to preside over the sessions of the House. He possesses a profound knowledge of precedent, procedure and how Legislature operates. He is a strategist; his word means a lot. He will advance public policy, maintain order and effectively conduct general business of the House”.
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Continuing, the statement said “Let us pick a man who would be beholden to no constituency greater than that of the state. Igbuya will bring to the speaker’s office the value of working together and respect. He will always meet with the other leaders in crafting major legislation to deal with pressing issues and problems.”
On the way forward, the statement said “We are working very hard, consulting with the political parties and ethnic groups to actualize the objective of making Igbuya speaker”.
The leaders urged Deltans at home and abroad to support Igbuya
“Call your Representative and demand that he or she supports Igbuya for the position” the statement added.
Igbuya, the friendly majority leader and former chairman of Sapele Local Government Area, would be the favorite to succeed Peter Onwusanye, , given his familiarity with the process and deep knowledge of the House rules.

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