Delta Deputy Governor’s Security Aides Tear Gassed Suspended Civil Servants At His Office Yesterday

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unnamedThe suspended Delta State civil Servants under the auspices of the Congress of Newly Employed Civil Servants were yesterday teargassed by Security aides attached to the Delta State Governor, Kingsley Otuaro at his office.

According to Comrade Regha Obus, Chairman of the 3000-strong Congress of Newly Employed Civil Servants/ Suspended Civil Servants of Delta State in statement stated thus; “Last week, we were at the office of the Deputy Governor, we wanted the Deputy Governor to intervene in this  suspension saga.  Though, Mr. Deputy Governor; was not on seat, but, we met the Permanent Secretary and booked a date with him so as to have a dialogue session with the Deputy Governor over this burning issue of suspension today.”

However, the Chairman said; “rather than Mr. Deputy Governor to come out and address this knotty issue of our suspension by the Okowa spear-headed government with us today, “we were tear gassed by his security aides” is this prosperity they promised us??? Prosperity of been teargassed by those that we voted for.”

“As the saying goes, morning makes the day! The action or inaction of the Okowa led government towards our suspension is absolutely gloomy ” today Deltans were being teargassed at the office of Deputy Governor. What a shame!

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We wanted a critical discussion with the Deputy Governor, but all to no vail. We shall keep on pressing, we can’t be intimidated by mere security operatives, now playing toothless bull dogs by teargassing us in order to thwart our peaceful protest, rather than do the needful.”

“We didn’t vote for PDP and politicians in this State for their lives to be better drastically, we voted for a gargantuan prosperity, employment, not unemployment which is tantamount to poverty. Our suspension by Governor Okowa from 2013 to 2015 has brought about abject poverty and no longer prosperity; which contains high propensity of hunger and anger on our side.

“Being Teargassed,  we not stop us from achieving our desired goal. The prosperity mantra should not be mere sloganeering but a reality, which calls for decisive action that will propel this in our State in the real sense and not media propaganda.

After being teargassed today at the office of the Deputy Governor, Asaba, Delta State. We are going to ground commercial activities in Asaba, within this week. Enough is enough,” he said.

According the Chairman he said; “We have been patient enough with Mr. Governor because we cannot afford to go back to the streets and become beggars. We don’t want to turn armed robbers, we don’t want to become pick-pockets. We were gainfully employed through the normal process.

Come to think of it, the governor claimed to have set up a panel of enquiry since the inception of his government, till today being October 20, 2015 , no member of the said panel is known. No news about their sitting and likewise no report since June 1 that our governor put us on hold.”

“Since, they have decided to be using teargas at us, we are determined to take our destiny into our hands over this matter. We will continue to press home our demands until we are recalled . “An hungry man is an angry”.  We passionately appeal to Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, to withdraw this Greek gift and be a father to us,” he said.

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