Dalung Replies Latep And Datti On Their Public Blunders

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Let me sincerely appreciate views and opinions expressed by Plateau people following my weekly Sunday Corner yesterday. Especially, those who opined that it is genuine concerns taken too far. There were opinions which suggested that a family matter should have been addressed within and not washing of dirty linens in the open. Indeed, you showed me love by providing wise counsel based on your understanding of the issues under review. I thank you for speaking your minds even though uninformed about the facts. Let me appreciate the Chairman of my party Latep Dabang, for referring to me as a mad man, of course he is free to his opinions but certainly not correct too. I am of a sound mind because mad people do not possess capacities to raise weighty issues, therefore as a leader he should be interested in reconciliation rather than escalating situations.


The Commissioner of information, Yakubu Datti also must be appreciated for his response which only attempted to relocate the weighty issues about the state to personality feud. It is pardonable, because he doesn’t know anything about the party in Plateau State. His ranting effortlessly to demean my person is a character traits Yakubu Datti is known for. As the information machine of the government, I expected him to delve on issues and not attacking my person. I cannot thank him enough for his explanation of the renaming of Yakubu Gowon way but again he appeared confused or deliberately economically with the truth. May be to satisfy his employer or because he is still battling with resettlement having been sacked recently as Public Relation Officer of FAAN on corruption he lacked the moral burden to address the issues. The Yakubu Datti we all know in Plateau state is a media mercenary always available for dirty jobs. This was the same role he played during Dariye which sank the state into incessant crises, I think we should watch him carefully. I am not surprised that since his compensation as commissioner for propaganda, plateau communities can longer know peace. No wonder, during the guided town hall meeting, there were attacks going on in Daffo, Bokkos LGA.


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Thank God Datti knew that I am from Sabongida in Langtang South LGA, but can he show us his fathers house in Mikang LGA? It is true that I did not win my ward in the last elections but I am a founding member of APC, not a political refugee fleeing away from PDP into our Party to escape justice from dubious antecedents. I am known to the people of plateau for speaking out against injustice even if I am involved, therefore, cannot be used by anybody. In any case can Yakubu Datti answer those questions I raised about the loan profile of the state. Where is the $2 billion (#720 billion) loan collected from African Development Bank for Potatoes processing factory payable in 25 years? Where is the factory located? Or where is the money kept and whose account? Why did the state government kept the issue of the loan secret? What is happening to LG funds? What is happening to 5% meant for the traditional council. And if peace has returned to Plateau, why was the LG elections suspended because of security concerns? Is this not true that Governor Jang constructed all the roads in Jos and Bukuru metropolis except for state low cost -Dong road? You were present when former President Goodluck commissioned Federal Secretariat bridge, why did Governor Lalong misled the President to recommissioned it again? What advice did you give the governor on this? Mr Commissioner, speak to issues and provide answers, you owed us explanation.


For Governor Lalong, I honestly have respect for him because he is my leader. I have given him series of advice and will continue to do even though he has not taken any. However, the Governor should realize where we are coming from and save the state from further drifting into chaos. I have been quite supportive to the Governor and his administration despite his repeated turn down of advice. I am concerned about the state and not any political ambition. It is not about us but the state, therefore efforts must be made to accommodate differences.


I can understand the problems confronting my friend and brother, Latep Dabang, his mentor has left the party, so things are falling apart, the centre can no longer hold. Also, having been made to believe that you were going to be appointed Minister and you lost why wouldn’t you call me a mad man. Take heart, if God so desire you will be one day. It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous on our side.  Plateau will rise again.


I love you all.

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