Crisis Rocks Karu COCIN Church, As Worshippers Pass Vote Of No Confidence On President Rev Dr. Datiri And Church Chairman, Rev Murren Over Alleged Embezzlement

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Yakubu Busari

The  Regional Church Council, RCC, Chairman,Karu,  Rev Elisha Murren, reinstatement has brought the indefinite close down of church services and immediate sealing of church activities, as members exchange blows over the corrupt act of the RCC Chairman.



The incident spark-off internal wrangling leading to the closing down of Sunday service and other activities as the scandal continued to strike the members.



The disagreement between COCIN, RCC Karu has continued to deepen between Rev RCC  Chairman  Rev Elisha Murren, Former  Secretary Rev Nankat Miri Jangyil, and Rev Dakom now transferred outside RCC.



The Regional Church Council, RCC, Karu in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory has been rocked by crises leading to the sealing off the worship center where members are barred from conducting Sunday service.


The Church Members have passed a vote of no confidence on the President of Church of Christ in Nations, COCIN, Rev Dr. Dachollom Datiri for biased taken a decision without reaching the church leadership.


The Church headquarters, in a swift reaction earlier suspended the RCC Chairman  Rev Elisha Murren, over the alleged embezzlement of the church money running into millions of naira.


It was gathered that the RCC Chairman was accused by the RCC members of siphoning their money main for the development of the church structure.



The Former  Sec Rev Nankat Miri Jangyil has suspended BT the RCC Chairman Rev Elisha’s frustrating him back to his own home town in Langtang North LGA for resisting the pressures from the RCC Chairman over demolishing an existing pastoral building.



, Rev Dakom the Rev in charged disagreed with the action taken by the Rev Elisha’s Murren plan to oust the Rev Miri transferred because the plot didn’t go down well with some of the elders of the church.


This medium gathered that Rev Elisha Murren allegedly conspired with some of the elders to sent Rev Nankat Miri away being the church secretary who knows intrinsic within the church and the RCC chairman immediately organized for the demolition of the church building to generate money from the church members.


However, the medium gathered that the church members developed mixed feelings in Karu, RCC, then, the Blacklisted Rev Dakom who refused to support the ideas the Rev Elisha’s brought to convince the church members.


The conspiracy led to the members petitioning the Rev Elisha’s to the COCIN headquarters in Jos and the petition finger on embezzlement that runs into millions of naira which were alleged to be diverted by the RCC chairman.


Our correspondent gathered that the COCIN headquarters sat over the complaint and then suspended the RCC chairman and the secretary Rev Miri which suddenly recalled back the suspension of the RCC chairman and denied the church secretary because he exposed the corrupt act of the RCC chairman Rev Elisha’s.


Their regret by the RCC is that they were not consulted by the headquarters and no concrete arrangement reached with the members before taken such a decision relatively involving money laundering and misappropriation of church fund.


The news of reinstatement of the RCC chairman has sparked off serious crises leading to sealing of the church service as tension continued within members.


Speaking with a member of the RCC Karu, Hon, Dr. Ponfa Audu and a colleague expressed sadness that the conflict involving members of one family so that should have been settled amicably within the church leadership instance using it to promote differences.


He said he got the details from members on what really transpires by blaming both sides for acting childish when the whole exercise involved one family.


Dr. Ponfa Audu blamed all the church members for taken a quick decision by not allowing them to resolve the lingering conflict by urging the church learns to imbibe a culture of tolerance and forgiveness in their daily conduct.

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