Crisis Looms In Wase As Tarok Elders Accuse Emir Of Inciting Hatred, Planning Genocide And Land Grabbing

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Yakubu Busari

The Tarok Elders has accused the Emir of Wase of inciting hatred and planning genocide as well as land grabbing, speaking Elder Danjuma Rimdap has disclosed that the true occupant of the Land of Wase Local Government Council is the Tarok and Jukun before the invasion of town by Hausa/Fulani herders.

He asked then, how possible for someone from Kano to say that Wase is his father land calling the original owners as illegal occupants that are bringing crises in Wase LGA.

Rimdap pointed out that those who know the history also knows that the truth is not far fetch “but the unfortunate thing is that Sardauna Adago who called himself ,the CAN representative in Wase is a fake person ,there’s no any Christian bearing such name, we don’t know where he is coming from?”

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“However, the Emir is talking about Dams that they are complaining of how it came about, it was constructed for those that are living far from river bank.

However, The Chairman Miyetti Allah Cattle breeders association in person of Julde Aliyu claimed in his interview that Tarok denied their cattle grazing land in Kadarko district.

He explained that there are plenty grazing land where herders can graze in Wase not necessarily damaging the only source of good drinking water which was cited by federal government in Kadarko .

He debunked the rumour being speculated by mischief makers whom he said are trying to wreak havoc to innocent Tarok claiming that the Tarok attacks them and their animals whenever they attempted to use the water.

“We want to caution the utterance made by the secretary of Jukun Youth development Association, Mr Tanko Danjuma Noma who told the Commander Special Task Force (STF) that the Jukun communities which include; Wase Tofa ,Mavo and Kumbur have been overran by the Tarok speaking native who have occupied their farmland .

“Then ,why don’t he mention, Kadarko,Duwi, Biyak ,Samiya ,Bakin Rijiya , Gai and other places which are just stone throw to the headquarters of LGA .

Rimdap commended the commander of Operation safe Heaven, Major General Roger Nicolas for acting as a professional soldier who told the Emir point blank that the Task Force has its limitation in handling issue of land ownership and illegal installation of traditional rulers.

“We warn that, if someone like his Royal Highness, the Emir of Wase Dr Sambo Haruna Abdullahi could have ill feelings against his neighbors and brothers even as he went to the extent of inviting military to come and invade settlements then it is barbaric and unkind for.”

He employed the Royal father to approach court of law or seek redress instead of trying to involve the service of armed men to kill human lives by creating hatred and crisis.

Rimdap lamented that the Tarok are peace loving people; “we had enough shedding of innocent blood so I remind people that they should stop killing and embrace peaceful coexistence.

He fingered that the recent attacks in Kadarko district was a clear indication of planned genocide against, he said in the Daily Trust Newspaper dated 11-11-2016 page 9, the Emir vowed to use any available means to attack the Tarok .

“They have installed Hausa traditional leaders among their settlements that is not the business of Ngwan Ishi Otarok, hence they’re claiming Tarok farmland in Lamba , Wakkat and Bashar districts .

These same people occupied farmland of internally Displaced persons in the communities where peace reign during the Emir Abdullahi Maikano , he said.

The following communities suffered the onslaught of Emir agenda as internally displaced persons (IDP) who are yet to return to their displaced home  since 1998 in Wase local Government Area which include;  Lamba ,Gwalen ,Kenkas ,Zamadede ,Sabo Lai , Lohkan, Dapna ,Dapna mission, Mavo,Kukuki ,Nakiguri,Safiyo ,Kakawa, Taboo ,Guruntung, Dam No 1 ,yipshan ,Nyengelink,Zam ,Zammunyin ,Nasarawa,Takalafiya, Njur,Ruga Jodi ,karkashi ,Ganwa ,kwata ungwan baka,kanwa ,kayak Tainam,madachi , and many   others

“We draw the  attention of federal and state governments over secret plan by the Emir to employ security agencies to wreak havoc on innocent citizens of Wase through his expansionist agenda .

The  Emir of Wase  is responsible for  plotting the killing  using Islamic jihadist (Boko Haram) to grab Landed properties and  gain control of the economic and political affairs of the administrative headquarters.”

“The Taroh who have continued to suffer the attack warned the Emir to stop spreading hatred among the people of Wase, saying we advise you the  Emir to as a matter of concern know that Kano emirates  can’t be  extended to Plateau state so therefore stay clear of promoting sentiment.”

The Ngwan Ishi Otarok in Wase has called on the government to do the needful to stop further breakdown of law and order.

The group warned that each time crisis broke up the federal government will deploy  military personnel  armed to their teeth to  protect Muslim communities while that of Christian are denied security present armor tanks are position in strategic entrance of  Mavo,Wase ,Lamba including their settlements.

The leader of Tarok  stressed that the Emir and some top politicians in the state have been responsible for Jihadist advancement and land grabbing of farmland occupied by the natives of Tarok who are displaced  since 1998 crisis which was sponsored by political cabal and desperate politicians to claim the areas for rigging of elections result .

The group warned that any attempt to plunge their people into fresh killings through the use of  military and missionaries will be resist vehemently .

“You would recall that the Hausa/Fulani in Wase are predominantly non indigent who migrated  from Kano state but they  are now claiming the ownership of the  local government Area with the support of  top jihadist movement joining force to enjoy the  appointment and control of administrative headquarters”he added.

Speaking to Elder of Tarok community in Wase Danjuma Rtd DSP advised the Emir to know that the Tarok have been there in Wase before his grand father Abdullahi Maikano came on exile to occupied the council.

However, government attention have been drawn to Daily Trust publication of Friday 10th ,November 2016 page 9 ,credited to the Emir Dr Sambo Haruna Abdullahi that  Tarok are installation village head and land grabbing as the causes of crisis in the LGA is not true .

We want the people of Wase to realize that religious extremism without hardwork is not taking our council anywhere rather underdevelopment which has ravaged the progress of the state.

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