Crisis Between Goje And  Gombe Governor Deepens Following Aisha Buhari’s Visit

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The recent visit of Hajia Aisha Buhari, the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, to Gombe in Gombe State to condole with the family of Senator Danjuma Goje over the death of his wife, Hajiya Yelwa Goje, has sparked a row between the Governor of the state, Hassan Dankwambo, and the former governor.

An umbrella body for elders in the state, Gombe State Concerned Citizens, has vehemently condemned what it termed “unwarranted attack on the person of Governor Dankwambo and his wife by Senator Danjuma Goje.”

But when contacted, Alhaji Ahmed Isa, one of the aides of Goje, simply asked: why did the Governor call the day the senator’s wife died as if he had been waiting for her to die.

Goje’s aide also asked Dankwambo whether he paid condolence visit to the family before the coming of the wife of the President to the family.

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Isa asked: “Did the Governor call Senator Goje or any member of the his family during the seven months sickness of Hajiya Yelwa Goje to wish her well, not to talk of even visiting her on the sick bed?

“Why did the Governor call Senator Goje, the very day she died, as if he was just waiting for her to die?

“Did the Governor pay any sympathy or condolence visit to the Goje family house in Gombe before the visit of the wife of the President?

“Do you expect the family to be deceived by the opportunistic visit of the Governor when he accompanied her Excellency, the wife of the President, many days after the death of Hajiya Goje?

“Why did the Governor not visit the family house in Gombe on his own, long before the visit of Her Excellency, the wife of the President?

“Did Hajiya Yelwa Goje not support or assist Dankwambo to become the Governor in 2011?

“Was the Governor not a frequent visitor to the Goje family house in Gombe before becoming the governor in 2011?

“Did the Governor ever visit the Goje family house in Gombe since 29th May, 2011 after he was sworn in even though the family lost several of their loved ones during this period?”

It could be recalled that during the visit and in his response to Hajia Buhari’s speech, Goje had veered from the topic of the occasion to take a swipe at Governor Dankwambo, alleging that he betrayed his (Goje’s) family upon becoming the governor of the state.

Goje, while expressing gratitude to Buhari for bringing Dankwambo to his residence, stressed that since becoming governor, Dankwambo had failed to visit his residence, even when his wife was sick.

According to Goje: “He used to be part of this household.

“My wife was his godmother.

“For seven months she was sick, he (Dankwambo) didn’t come.

“He only called after she passed on.

“Since we inaugurated him from Pantami (Gombe Stadium), he didn’t visit this house.

“I have had series of misfortunes, ill-health with even a death recorded, but he (Dankwambo) has not seen it fit to identify with me and my family.

“He didn’t even call to sympathise with us.

“I really appreciate you, Your Excellency (Mrs. Buhari) for bringing him back to this house.

“This used to be his home.

“He was a godson to my late wife.”


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