Court Sentenced 25 year Old Man To Death By Hanging In Jigawa State By Umar Faruq Usman, Dutse

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A 25 year-old man Rilwanu Malam Hassan Samamiya sentence to death by hanging by the Jigawa State High Court.  Rilwanu was arrested by Jigawa State Police Command and arraign before the court for allegedly killing one woman Suwaiba Sagir Samamiya with a cutlass cutting the women into pieces.
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The suspect was to have hidden inside an open well but was later arrested by the Police who also carried out investigation which led to his arraignment by Court.
The suspect claimed that he was having mental problem which was also corroborated by his family who brought exhibit showing that he was having mental problem the time he carried out the act, they also added that he was on local drug, however their report didn’t stand as there was no certified Medical Doctor’s report that will indicate that the person was having mental issue.
The presiding judge Justice Ubale Ahmed Taura in his judgment said   because there was no certified evidence tendered to the court by the suspect and his family and the court is satisfied with the evidence and exhibit given to them by the police and prosecutor and other people from the community, as such that the court sentenced Rilwanu to death by hanging.
While reading the judgement Justice Ubale Taura said under section 221 Subsection (b) of the panel code sub section 3 of the high court of 2012 gave the court the room for the judgment to sentence the suspect to death by hanging.
In his response before the court, the suspect also said that he was not the one that committed the act the government lawyer Barrister Ibrahim Umar presented his witness before the High Court which include Adahama a farther to the Suwaiba and Harira Dalha who is the neighbour to the deceased and Corporal Barau Ibrahim who is a serving police officer at Bamaina Police Station

Meanwhile the Presiding Judge Ubale Ahmed Taura said the court is granting granted the suspect 90 days to appeal the judgment.

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