Council Boss Sues For Unity, Peaceful Coexistence Amongst Warring Communities In B/Ladi

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Yakubu Busari

The Management Committee Chairman of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State, Hon Jock Alamba has sued for peaceful coexistence amongst the entire staff and citizens of the council for him to achieve meaningful developmental strife desire of the government.


Speaking to our medium at his residence,at Alhere in Jos, on Saturday, Alamba says, “my general called to the good people of Barkin Ladi and the staff of the Local Government is for them to support his administration with all hands on deck to build the council.


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According to him, “I am very much aware of the reasons behind my being brought back to the council for the second time after a very long period of absence “.


He said, basically, the factors that led to this present concerned is mainly insecurity that bedeviled our Local Government following administrative and developmental challenges and so many issues looking for a solution .


He stated that his plan to the council has to do with the action that will improve the security situation in Barkin Ladi by way of improving and tackling challenges of peaceful coexistence between aggrieved communities within the Council by ensuring that is increase confidence, social interaction in the people minds.


Hon Jock Alamba explained further that the aspects of administration were that he intended to ensure that the staff of LG get their benefit as, as when due from the relevant authority and also towards improving confidence between the staff and management for maximum productivity.


He pointed out that there is a need to put everyone on their toss by realizing their main purpose of improving and safeguarding the lives and properties of our vulnerable citizens.


Alamba stressed that under him two welfare of the entire staff and citizens of the council would be achieved without bias or sentiment attached.


Of course, “also intended to ensure that social-economic demand of our people especially water projects, electricity and road construction are given topmost priority going by the strength of the financial position of the council, he added.


He disclosed that he is no stranger, but as a member of the council all these are well known to him as area of concern and that would be given adequate attention.


Alamba promised to embark on communities’ tour to villages under Barkin Ladi which had suffered crises and communal conflict toward promoting peaceful coexistence amongst the natives of the council.


He maintained that he assured them of conducting a comprehensive tour to all the flashpoints of the recent crisis and to able to generate the concern of every community and address and find ways of reversing the return of peace where they’ve lived as brothers and sisters over the years without tribal or any form of divisive sentiment attach.


My general called on the council staff including citizens is for them to support this present government of Lalong to achieve meaningful development in our local government headquarters, he noted.

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