Contractor Handling Tudun Wada Road In Plateau Begs Government For Intervention On Land Compensation

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Yakubu Busari

A contractor handling Tudun Wada linking Kabong community of Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau state, Chief Chinedu K. Okponwa of the Jolex construction company has decried that compensation to land owners, water board serving pipelines and the raining season also contributed to the challenges of ongoing dualization of mado, Kabong Road.

Okponwa assured the people of completion of the road in time in other to ease transportation of goods so as to maintain standard.

Speaking to journalists at his office while reacting to allegations of using fake and substandard construction equipment, he stressed his company will maintain  higher standard in handling contract  award to him by government and he also  debunk rumours pointing out that the company is embarking on  substandard road construction .

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According to him, the company has done almost 25% of the project so far by carry out series of blasting of rocks to pave ways for hiev from channel 7 down to Gero junction.

“We are face with the problem of how to compensate some communities because there are so many houses on narrow road which demand compensation during before commencing the construction.

The CEO explained the critical situation the company is undergoing due constant rainfall which will affect quality of the job on the road network.

Okponwa condemned how people play politics with sensitive issue, we have ministry of works as supervisory body well as maintaining good relationship with the state government.

He disclosed that compensation is to take place between the communities, PHCN and water board, but the cost implication is worrisome which the government are still discussion with the private owners.

The Chief Executive officer said, “We have done excavation on drainages there and we discovered pipelines which belong to water board underneath and we are calling on the appropriate authority to fast track the process of removing those pipes”.

He, therefore, appealed to the host communities to be patients with the men on the site handling the project because any good works will take a little time.

They should also be cooperating and be supportive to us in order to moves the bond and tie of our togetherness for the progress of plateau state.

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