Chief John Dafaan Admonishes APC Aggrieved Members To Close Rank

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Yakubu Busari

A chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) and candidate for Shendam ,Mikang and Quaanpan   Federal House of Representatives, Chief John Dafaan has admonished all the aggrieved members of his party that, “let come together as a family to see how we can win this political war”, rather than blaming and blackmailing each other.

He stated that APC is a party to beat in the forthcoming General Elections come 2023 because the party has produced credible Candidates for the contest, I think and believe that the party is adequately prepared for the election.

Dafaan disclosed that as a Candidate in the forthcoming General Elections,  the chances of your Party , APC is bright but we must resolve all our internal wrangling and forge ahead with our electioneering campaign properly.

However, seeing Governor Lalong running for the Senatorial seat, at the same time, Director General (DG) campaigned for Tinubu/Shettima presidential ticket.

Governor Lalong is a DG campaign for Tinubu /Shettima presidential ticket which has hitherto received condemnation because of the Muslim/Muslim ticket.

We need to make a clear distinction between our faith and the politics that we run. In as much as we run politics, we need faith to be in politics because is your faith that is a guarding principle for your political endeavors.

But I didn’t think the aspect of making religion a center point of political division is not a cardinal of human existence.

Because the faith we have, suppose to guard us when we create division, the faith we have to supposed to guard us, as faith is doubt within us.

“Love thou neighbor as thou self” is the cardinal teaching of Christ in Christianity, who then is your neighbor?

You define who your neighbor is, he has to be a Christian, did he define who that neighbor is because it has already created division?

You remember several instances in the Bible when Paul was preaching, he fell into trance and God presented different animals before him to choose, he said, I am not a pastor.

God said we should be our brother’s keeper; you can cross-check your Bible on the story of the good Samaritan. Do you know who a Samaritan is, does he has to be a Christian?

So, the issue of Muslim/Muslim ticket, which is causing misunderstanding between us is not right at all to me.

We have 6 years of Goodluck Jonathan as president of Nigeria, we have 8 years of Olusegun Obasanjo with Christian/Christian, and 9 years of Yakuba Gowon ticket, does Nigeria have more Christians?

What is your Judgement on the candidature of Dr Nentawe Yilwatda the Governorship Candidate of APC on the Plateau?

He is a brilliant and intelligent individual. I think he has a great passion for the Plateau state within the period I have known him, he has enormous love for Plateau state, whenever he stands, he speaks, thinks of the plateau, and acts plateau.

I have not ever waiver that he has that capacity and acumen, think he stands in a good state to tackle the issues of plateau state.

We need leaders who have deep knowledge and diversities and challenges about plateau state.

I think Netewe has that knowledge about plateau state, those of us that God said we should be leader of tomorrow, if God tarries, we will be there tomorrow.

My cardinal appeal to the other aspirants, who are having a grievance with the candidature of Natewe, I appealed to them to sheath their swords, let come together as a family to see how we can win this political war.

The act of governance is so big that everyone’s contribution is needed, whatever grievances they have, they should bring to table, and nothing without a solution.

Governor Lalong has the right to contest, for the fact that he is DG campaign for Tinubu/ Shettima ticket does not make him not contest for the Senatorial position that is being used as central of controversy.

Tinubu is the vice chairman of the campaign, and presidential candidate of the party APC, did he resign from contesting, the answer is NO.

What is your advice to the Electorates in your constituents?

The need to make a proper choice. They need to vote Candidate who has the capacity, and the knowledge.

The Legislature is not like the Executive, is more of 70 percent lobby and 30 percent Executive actions.

The Executive actions, if you lobby, you get the 30 percent.

I have had the opportunity to serve the government in different capacities.

I have the privilege to know that Executive legislature collaboration.

I also have 3 years stint with the Deputy Speaker of the house of Representatives Ahmed Idris Maje, it gives me more in-depth of what the legislative and executive relationship is all about.

My credentials and my experience should stand me out among other contestants.

Who is taking over from the immediate past member, should be able to continue from where he stopped and build on his past legacies.

My desire is that I should be able to supervise the immediate past member’s achievement, he has done marvelously well.

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