Chawai Genocide: Resign Now, Southern Kaduna Youth Leader Tells Kauru LGA Chairman, Others

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The incessant attacks by Fulani militias on the people of southern Kaduna  is an outward expression of organized conspiracy between those who are encouraged and aided to extort our land by force through attacks and decimation of the land owning communities and those who are conscious of our growing  number at the polling units and determined to reduce us to 30 percent as they “mistakenly” said, coupled with the thirsty jihadists whose quest is to end the reign of Non-Muslims in Nigeria, in conjunction with our brothers that enjoy the undue privileges of the evil system and  pay them back by peddling their demonic agenda.

Recently, in Chawai chiefdom of Kauru Local Government, four communities were attacked sending 40 souls to a single early grave, razing down 60 houses, destroying farm produce and even cutting down economic trees. The attack started on 13/11/2016 at 2:00pm in broad daylight and persisted to the next day without any form of security help from either the police or Nigerian army not until the member representing Kauru federal constituency, Hon. Simon Arabo who heard the news and rushed down from Abuja to Kafanchan and mobilised 5 security vans to the communities under siege.

One cannot see this ruthless killings and sleep well.

My grievance in the Chawai attack is the lackadaisical attitude of Kauru Local Government Chairman, Mr. Pious Bakan towards handling security issues with the fact that there was a security alert in his two ears before the attack because the Fulani militias made attempt on saturday night before the attack on sunday. The Chairman refused to mobilise security personal or appear at the scene until Tuesday at the burial.

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It is to this end, that I call on the chairman to resign for he is not competent to hold that office. Also, I call on the Governor of Kaduna State to immediately sack the inept Chairman of Kauru local government because his leadership deficiencies will affect the state government efforts to nip the security challenges on deck. Also, we are starting the process of recalling back the member representing Chawai/Kauru in the state House of Assembly, Dr. Issac Auta  for his inability to represent his constituency effectively. He is inaccessible, refusing to respond to his calls, refuting other efforts to reach him. In all the attacks in his constituency,  he had never appeared to commiserate with the victims or support with relief materials.

He is just a member for himself enjoying the undue privileges of his office.
Finally, I call on emergency management agencies both NEMA and SEMA to as a matter of urgency send relief materials to the affected communities and also implore all well meaning individuals as well as NGOs to come to the aid of these victims with your prayers, financial, and material support.

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