Champion peace, Group tells Al-Makura By Awwal Hudu

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Reacting to the recent political violence in Nasarawa State,  non-governmental organisation, Action for Balanced State, based in the state, has called on the people to remain calm and be law abiding.

ABS, in a statement issued by its Director Walid Khalil, in Abuja yesterday, specifically, lamented the burning of PDP secretariat in Obi Local Government Area, last week, where party documents and other valuables were destroyed, saying that the government did not live up to expectations in the area of provision of security to all in the state.

Describing the APC-led government as incapable of spearheading peace in the crises-ridden state, the group called on especially Governor Umaru Al-Makura to impress on his supporters the need to live peacefully and enable the state to develop.

The statement read in part: “We have to engender peace in our state for outsiders to view us as good and serious people. Without peace, our state can’t develop. Even though, sometimes I used to think that this government promotes violence and, maybe, it benefits from that. On many occasions I felt that the series of violence witnessed in our state could have been avoided. I also used to think that when violence occurs, arrests will be made and 5the culprits prosecuted. Yet, nothing is happening like that under this government.”
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The statement accused the governor of been incapable of relating peace and development, saying that Al-Makura, “is clueless, inept and parochially minded as far as governance is concerned.”

Describing the ABS as a non-political group, the statement said that the group has decided to throw its weight behind the gubernatorial ambition of Yusuf Agabi, without any consideration to his political affiliation or party.

It said: “The ABS has worked to empower the youths and women in Nasarawa with Agabi for a long time now. His school and Foundation have provided scholarships to the indigents in the state and Agabi has provided various forms of assistance to the people. These are what ABS stands for-assistance, kindness, compassion and love for the poor. These are the reasons why we call on the people to vote for him come April 11.”

The ABS said it believed that Agabi would work fervently for peace and unity in the state, adding that it was regrettable that series of politically motivated violence have displaced people from their homes and rendered them economically handicapped in the state.

ABS averred that as a governor, Agabi will open the state for real economic activities, urging him to maximise the gains of the state’s proximity to the nation’s capital of Abuja, adding: “We call on Agabi, when elected, to ensure accountability and probity in the management of resources, improve the capacity of the state to generate revenue, make education accessible to all and empower youths to serve as the tools for our development.”

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