Catholic Bishop Of Shendam Diocese, Most Rev Daman, Osa Buried By Yakubu Busari,’Jos .

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The Catholic Bishop of Shendam Diocese, late, Most Rev. Dr.James Naanman Daman, OSA who died on Monday January,12, 2015 in his sleep has been put to rest at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Shendam  with a call on  people to always prepared  for death.
The catholic Bishop of Jalingo, Most Rev. Charles M.Hammawa made the call in a sermon at the funeral Mass in shendam said we can never get use to death, because when death comes we always ask why?, and wish it never come or not now.
According to him that we will not live on earth forever and we known that death will come at any time we do not expect, so there is need for us to be prepare and be watchful.
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He said we use to do everything to watch our houses to prevent thieves for coming in, so why can we guide our own faith so that we can gain our salvation, adding that, we worry too much about our daily bread and things that will not help us.
The bishop stressed further that, many have died for the way the live their live without preparedness, let us all live a good and moral live so that the end will be good for us.
Hence death is the beginning of the end time, we must face the question of death, whether we like it or not, that is why Christian death is being described as a new beginning to a new life.
The Most Rafter .James Daman OSA, was born on April 10, 1956 at Miket, Kwa, Quaan-pan LGA of Plateau State, he started his education at St. Stephen’s RCM Transferred School, Yelwa in 1964-1971, during which he obtained his First leaving Certificate from there he proceeded to St. John Vianney’s Minor Seminary,Barkin ladi for his general certificate  of Education,’O’ Level 1971-1975.
After completion, he entered the Oder of St. Austine and there he studied Philosophy, and theology at St Austine Major Seminary, Jos in 1976-1982 and earned his Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology and a diploma in Religious studies, University of Ibadan.
He took his vows as a religious priest in the Augustinian Order, and was ordained as a deacon, and subsequently Priest under the same order on the 14th, february 1982, and stated his Priestly Ministry at St. Augustine, Bekaji,Jimeta Yola in 1982-85 where he served as a Radio Producer with the then Gongola Broadcasting Corporation and also work at St. Thomas Zing.
While in 1985, he went to Rome for a post graduate studies in Moral theology at Alphonsianum, were he had his licentiate in sacred theology, and also his doctorate at the  same university in  Rome subsequently.
On his returning, he was sent to lecture at the st. Augustine Major seminary, Jos in June 1997, and joined the teaching staff of his Alma Mater, of the St. Augustine Major Seminary, Jos, Makurdi campus of the seminary in 1989-1991.
He was also elected vice Provincial of the Augustinian order in Nigeria, and was the First African Augustinian Superior after St. Augustine it was base on their credentials, and was re-elected for another four years and he could not completed the four years term, and was appointed the second catholic Bishop of Jalingo Diocese in december, 5th 2000, by the Holy Father John Paul II.
Most Rev. James Daman, OSA, gave his best to build up the Diocese of Jalingo for 6 years, until when the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI created Shendam diocese  and was appointed the bishop of Shendam.
The late Bishop  have been described as a simple man of god simply accessible to all and living simply so that other can simple live, it has been observed that during  the past seven years in Shendam it has been a wonderful experience  filled with the sacrifices, struggles, patience, goodwill, humility and love of a true Shepherd.

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