My Case Against Ahmed Yarima —Maiwada Misau

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A middle-aged man who identifies himself as Maiwada Misau, and who claimed to have worked with Hon Ahmed Yarima, a Federal Lawmaker representing Misau/Dambam of Bauchi State has accused the lawmaker of abandoning him after he worked for his victory during the last 2015 general elections.

In a statement made available to,  Maiwada Misau said; “Sir, I Maiwada Misau we made an agreement with the Hon. Ahmed Yarima Misau,  that I will organize and implement his political campaign for the seat of House of representatives for Misau and Dambam federal constituency, such as meeting with the delegates, organising campaign rallies, posters, songs etc. Based on some promises made that when we are successful in the election, he will make me his Senior legislative aide so as to work together, we did this agreement in the presence of his wife Amina Yarima as a witness, he even told me that majority of the peoples in the constituency they only hear his name and can’t identify him as a person, to the extent that even his blood relations he don’t know them.”

Speaking further, he said; “Its took me two years to the campaign, After success in the election to my surprise I heard that he gave his legislative aide to someone else, when I contacted him he told me I shouldn’t worry he will tell the Speaker to make me his SA but he didn’t do that, after sometimes he called me to Abuja and promised that every month he will be giving me three hundred thousand naira (N300,000), he did that twice he stop and told me the money is much but he will be giving me one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) per month, he did that three times and stop, when I contacted him, he told me that let’s calculate the promises and he will give it  to me in the form of cash and we did, and it amounted to fourteen million four hundred thousand naira (N14,400,000), based on the payment of three hundred thousand naira (N300,000) per month for four years.”

“With the money he gave me for the previous five months, he paid nine hundred thousand naira (N900,000) remaining the balance of thirteen million five hundred thousand naira (N13,500,000) and he said he will send it to me, but he didn’t and said since he is the Chairman House committee on Privatization and commercialization he will ask MD of Eldorama fertilizer company in  Port Harcourt to give me allocation of Fertilizers,  I agreed, after some months he said I should meet him at Sheraton, I went he told me that the Fertilizer Allocations couldn’t be possible,  but he will give me three million six hundred and twenty five naira (N3,625,000) to open a block industry but he will send the money to my account, he sent only one million naira (N1,000,000) to my account,  I called him he told me it remained two million six hundred and twenty five thousand naira (N2,625,000) balance, that he will send it on Friday, he refused to send and continued lying to me.”

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“The last he said he when he was comes back from Lagos that he will send the balance on Monday since then always he called me and said he is in Lagos and his P.A always tells me he is in Abuja. At last I went to his house in Abuja, I sent for him, he refused to come out, said he will not see me, so his P.A told me to wait for him outside, around 6 p.m. he came out he saw me, asked me what I am waiting for, I told him my balance, he abused me which I responded. He came out from his car start beating me along with his boys, he entered his car and with speed he hit my car three times, when I entered my car and started moving, he hit me again, I even hit the street light, he came out from the car again and he continued beating me with his boys until people around intervened, he went back to his house, brought out gun saying he will kill me, people told me to leave that place anything can happen, I left my car there, the following day, I came to carry my car, his driver told me that Honourable called Police and picked my car to Durmi police station, I went to the station and meet DPO,  the DPO said am I the one that is fighting Hon. Yarima, that don’t know that I am fighting government, I told him you are supposed to do you work as a police officer, not for you to say that I am fighting Hon. Yarima, he told me to write statement which I did, he told me they will detain me.”

Speaking further he said that following his detention by the police, he was given bail, and the Police subsequently charged him to Court at the Mpape Magistrate court. At the mention of the case, he said the Judge read four count charges against him which he said he pleaded guilty to all; “I was remanded in Keffi prison for one month, two weeks without bail, after eighteen days my lawyer filed a motion before I was given bail with the condition being that two Directors of with a Federal Government agency who are residing in Abuja, with 1million naira each in their bank account. The case was with adjourned to 5th June, 2017 and on the 5th of June, we went to court and they brought their witness, the Judge adjourned to 10th July, 2017.  When we came out from court, some police said they were sent from Headquarters to arrest me, my lawyer took the case to the judge, the judge said it is not possible to be arrest me, when the case is not over, later I left the court,” he said.

When contacted Hon. Ahmed Yarima, he responded to the allegations made by Maiwada Misau against him line by line.

On the issue of working for him and making agreement with him to work for him should he win the 2015 House of Representatives election in his constituency, this what Hon. Yarima has to say; “Yes, I can tell you he was my boy, he worked for me, and even during electioneering campaign that he was working for me, I was providing all the necessary logistics that will make his work easier, ranging from financial logistics, and even to other logistics that will make his work easier such as vehicles and others. Besides, he wasn’t the only one that worked for me, other people also worked for me.

Speaking on the issue of agreement, Yarima said; “I never made any agreement with him, if he claims we had an agreement, and then ask him to produce the agreement document, so that everybody will see it.”

When asked on the issue of making him one of his legislative aides, Hon. Yarima said; “I couldn’t have promised him to make him a legislative assistant or an aide, reason being that he even left the APC and joined the PDM and contested for a House of Assembly seat which he lost. I told him since you are a member of the PDM, I won’t give you job as my aide because you are now in another party, as doing so will bring resentments among APC faithfuls in my constituency. But I told him I will be paying him N150,000 every month which I have been doing always. I never promised him at any time that I will tell the Speaker to make him his SA, why should I do that knowing fully well that he is not the Speaker’s boy, or am I the one that decide for the Speaker who and who to work for him?”

“Added to this I bought him two cars from Usmaniya Motors in Bauchi, as well even the Toyota Hilander Jeep he is driving now. On the claim that remaining the balance of thirteen million five hundred thousand naira (N13,500,000 is still being awaited by him for me to pay him are all lies because, I have been paying the money, I said I will be paying, and I am not owing him anything, besides I just decided to help him, it is not as if it is an obligatory role on my own part to be paying him, because whenever he worked for me I paid him also.”

“On vehicles alone and other things I have spent close to N10 million on him, just to make sure he is happy,” Yarima said.

Speaking on allegedly promising to use his position as Chairman House Committee on Privatization and Commercialization to get fertilizer allocation for him through the MD of Eldorama Fertilizer  Company in Port Harcourt, Yarima said; “ I couldn’t have promised that, when I am not working with Eldorama. Besides, before someone will be giving such allocation, he must have his money or cash, when he suggested the issue, I asked him if he has money, he said he will get some persons that will fund it, so I never said I talk to the MD of Eldorado Fertilizer Company  because being the Chairman House Committee on Privatization and Commercialization does not mean I have the power to command the MD of any company to do anything.”

“On the case of Block industry setting up, I told him I will give him money to set up a block industry, and I gave him N3 million to start up a block Industry through my aide. So for him saying I only gave him that N1 million are all lies, I gave him N3 million.”

While commenting on him coming to his house, his subsequent arrest and charging to court, this is what Honourable Yarima has to say; “He came to my House unannounced, without my invitation, without calling me first. So when he came, I told my secretary to tell him to meet me in my office by 3 pm that day. However, I was surprised I started hearing noise and I was called that Maiwada blocked the entrance to the gate of the estate where I live, in fact some residence of the estate who came back couldn’t drive into the estate because he blocked the gate with his jeep. When I came out I saw him already battling with the security personnel, who were asking him to remove his Jeep from the Estate’s entrance. However, all pleas and entreaties failed as he vehemently refused. In these days of insecurity, kidnapping, every person in the country is security conscious, so they security has to alert the police in Durumi which is the nearest to the estate, since our estate is sharing boundary with residence of Federal High Court Judges. So the police came and took that car to their station.”

“As it is I never took him to Police, the Police took him for public disturbance and obstruction and they detained him, so as it the case is between him and the State, and the police has taken the matter to court, as confirmed by him to you,” Yarima said.

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