Carrier Progression As A Doctor Is Not Guarantee In Nasarawa State, Reason For Mass Exodus— Dr. Peter Umaru

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Dr. Peter Umaru is the Nasarawa State Chairman of Nigeria Medical Association in an interview with Rabiu Onaku barred his mind on the need for the current administration in the State to borrow a leaf from the leadership style of the first elected Governor of the State, Senator, Abdullahi Adamu, who he said speaks the language of health workers, He also kicked against the resolution passed by the State House of Assembly amongst other issues.

Are You Moved By The Recent Resolution Of The State Lawmakers Banning Doctors In The Service Of Nasarawa State From Private Practice, What Is Your Take

This not an issue because the resolution is not in conformity with the constitution of NMA, The decision will not go down well with us as a State that is depending on non-indigent doctors, The State Government instead of appreciating them they are threatening them, We have over 200 doctors from Nasarawa but majority of them are working either outside the country or the State, an if you may asked any of them they will say carrier progression is not guarantee in the State, I can give names of some few that left the service of Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital some years back.

1.Dr.Mas’ud Elayo left in 2001

2.Dr.Abene Isla left for Mallam Aminu Kano Teaching hospital

3.Dr.Stephen Anzaku left to FMC, Keffi

4.Dr.Ovey Ewuga

5.Dr.Bello left to FMC Keffi and she is back

6.Dr.Ramalan and others are warming up to join the Federal civil service because of one vacancy at the Federal level from the many doctors we have only three females are  indigent doctors working under female section, For the past thirteen years no promotion and now we are demanding for the release of Federal Government COVID-19 special package for health workers and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) What I expect from the State Governor is for him to commit himself by paying either 25 percent of the package just like what his Enugu State counterpart  did to his health workers but to no avail.

One thing I will like you to know was  that Governor Abdullahi Sule knowns what is doing during and that was why we have more doctors in Nasarawa State,DASH and our General hospitals ,the only hiccups to the whole issue is government officials at either ministry or other health agencies not telling the Governor the truth, I expect the Deputy Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe been a doctor to settle this impasses before the Chief executive, I know somebody somewhere is not telling the Governor the real issue on ground, Though we have make a headway as the Governor approved the payment of the special package.

The State Assembly Has Make A Move To Encourage The Sponsorship Of Students To Study Medicine And Other Science Courses


Training or sponsorship of indigent students would not addressed the whole situation unless the State Government improved by paying certain allowances, take the issue of promotion with utmost seriousness not allowing doctors working for years without promotions, and if we achieved this ,sky would be our starting point as a State in need of doctors, Did Nasarawa State really have the resource to train those students, all I know is that at the end of the day outsiders would supersede the number of indigents, The would end up bringing people from Abaji and its environs to benefit from gesture.

Do you know some of the highly positioned doctors heading health agencies or those working in the ministry of Health are completely against the kick start of academic programme at the Lafia University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) what I observed was that almost all those at the behest of affairs are jostling for the number one seat, That is seeking for juicy appointment, in fact during an interaction with one of them I realized they are the real problem of the system.

What Would Be Your Call To The State Government To Lure Indigent Doctors To Come Back Home To Contribute Their Quota To The Development Of The State?


The State Government should be ready to ensure the payment of basic welfare packages on time as well issue of promotion be given due attention, This will attract more doctors both indigent and non-indigents doctors to come to the State, currently out of the 200 doctors from the State 90 percent are either outside the State or at diaspora.

There Was Rumor Going Round That You Fueled The Strike Action By Going Ahead To Rubbished The Traditional Rulers And The State Assembly, Do You Subscribed To This?

This not true because I told the traditional rulers to play the role of a neutral body not supporting the State Government and they pick offence, Though I apologize instantly to the Emir of Lafia and all other traditional rulers, Why do we forget so soon when the House of Assembly protested and the Governor purchased new vehicle for each of them, There is the need for the people to consider our plight especially the health hazard involved during this coronavirus pandemic.

As Of Today July 22, 2020 How Many Health Workers Contracted Coronavirus In Nasarawa State ?

As of 20th of July ,2020,we have a total of 33 percent out of 276 cases, this translate to 96 health workers tested positive including me, the NMA Chairman, Dr.Peter Umaru and the President of Association of Resident Doctors, Dr.Peter Idoko, we recorded 69 cases in public health facilities,23 cases in private facilities,37 cases in Keffi,36 in Lafia,12 in Karu and 7 in Nasarawa Eggon.

The question I continued to asked is whether health workers in the State are using inappropriate Personal Protective Equipment or inadequate PPE’s that our number is increasing on daily basis.

It Might Interest The People Of Nasarawa State To Know The Number Of Ventilators So Far In The State ?


We don’t have single ventilator in almost all the isolation centres, and what we have in DASH is not ventilator,

How Can You Appreciate Governor A.A.Sule?

We NMA in Nasarawa State sincerely thanked the Governor for having listening ears, the Governor that is transparent, what he has exhibited during our discussion with him will create an enabling environment for doctors.

How Cordial Is The Relationship Between Nma And The Management Of Dash Especially The Chief Medical Director, Dr.Ikrama Hassan?


I must confessed the Chief Medical Director, Dr.Ikrama Hassan is nothing his topmost best to move the hospital to an enviable position, he deserved commendation.

I also appreciate members of Nigeria Medical Association for the total commitment during the period of strike.

I won’t end this interview without calling on the State Governor and the people of the State to appreciate our doctors instead of castigating them as those championing strike action.

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