Car Dealer Seizes Bobrisky’s Car

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A car dealer, Ebuka Jay Peter, operating with the Businessname, Mr. Jay Autos, has seized the car he sold to crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky.

According to the car dealer, he seized the car, identified as a Mercedes Benz, because Bobrisky did not pay the outstanding as agreed.

From the tone of the message on his Instagram page, the car was seized after the botched birthday party put together by the crossdresser to mark his 28th birthday.

The police had stopped the birthday bash on which Bobrisky said he had spent over N19 million.

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Writing on the seized car on his Instagram page: m_jayautos, the dealer said: “#bobrisky222 please pay your balance and you get you car re-delivered immediately.

“Have been more than nice in condoling your attitudes and still very nice to tell my agent to go ahead and deliver the car to you just so you can use it for your birthday.

“My agent had to go to the police station to write series of statements and provide all necessary documents before the car was released to him; as the location it was kept was already sealed up by the police.

“We had a written agreement and it states that we still have full security hold on the car until all payments has been fully made. Gave you series of discount on this particular car just to support your brand.

“For the record we’ve delivered cars to over two hundreds Nigerians and it’s always been a very smooth and hassle free transaction.

“I know you are really tensed right now and am not happy either about what happened about your birthday. I told you i will still send my support whichever way I can.

“So I don’t really get the part of bad luck! Iet me just assume its anger that made you say all this. Peace and love Bob! #mrjayautos.”

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