CACOL Commends The Presidential Advisory Committee On Anti-Corruption, PCAC, Says The Time To Establish Special Courts For Cases Of Corruption Is Now!

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The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL commends the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-corruption, PCAC on its initiatives and the proactive steps being taken to achieve the establishment of Special Courts for cases of corruption in Nigeria as the country continues the war against corruption.

“CACOL have consistently advocated for reforms in the judicial system including the creation of Special courts for corruption cases to facilitate the enabling environment for the successful prosecution of the anti-corruption war. Several cogent reasons abound for the inevitable need for Special courts for corruption cases and some reforms in our laws.” said Mr. Debo Adeniran, the Executive Chairman while reiterating the stance the Coalition on the expediency of establishing Special courts for cases of corruption.

“Since the kitchen became hotter for corruption criminals based on the ongoing war against corruption, corrupt elements are fighting back using every means available including lapses in our laws to evade justice. The plethora of corruption cases that the ongoing anti-corruption has thrown up calls for reforms in the existing judicial system to ensure that the anti-corruption drive bears fruits.” Mr. Adeniran continued.

Explaining CACOL’s position further, he said that “this is why we also back the two bills sent to the National Assembly by President Muhammadu Buhari seeking for stiffer penalties for culprits of money laundering and to make provisions that would enable Nigeria to seek international assistance in recovering looted funds in January 2016. We once again call on the National Assembly not to further delay processes that will translate the Bills into Acts of Law if they are really sincere and on the same page with majority of Nigerians on the need to expunge corruption from our system holistically.”

As corruption fights back viciously, the logical response is to; lawfully remove all the encumbrances on the path of the anti-corruption drive which corruption criminals cleverly use to wriggle through the labyrinths of the existing judicial system to escape justice, amend our laws and the creation the Special courts for corruption cases.

“We therefore welcome and commend the PCAC on its initiatives and the proactive steps being taken to achieve the establishment of Special Courts, just as we call on all the Arms of the Federal Government to work in unison to fight corruption, a scourge that have encroached our country for too long and threatening to obliterate it.” Mr. Adeniran concluded.

Wale Salami

Media Coordinator, CACOL

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