Buhari’s Cabal Plotting To Remove Inspector General Of Police From Office—-Northern Youth Group

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Tom Garba

The Northern Youths Leaders Forum ( NYLF) has revealed that it is aware of a cabal under the current Administration of President Muhammedu Buhari scheming to remove the Inspector General of Police ( IG) Ibrahim Idris from office.

The National chairman of NYLF, comrade Elliot Afiyo, disclosed this to journalists in Yola on Friday as he noted that the forum is appealing to the president not to fall into the traps of this cabal as he hinted that the removal of the IG will discredit his government.

“We are aware of plans by some people in Buhari government plotting to give the president every reason to remove the Inspector General of Police from office and as a forum, we cannot let that happen”

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“Therefore we are warning the cabal to stop their plans or we will be forced to come publicly to expose them and some of their clandestine activities in the past”

“We worked tirelessly for this government to come on board and we cannot fold our hands to allow some people in the name of a cabal to discredit this government because certain people in government refused to do their whims and caprices,” he said.

Afiyo said they have more than five million members scattered across every facet of the country and there is nothing going on in the country that they are not aware of adding that “we will not allow them to do what they want, simply because some people say no to them”

Secondly, the NYLF is appealing to President Muhammadu Buhari to confirm the appointment of the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu and as it said that it is the same cabal that is working against Magu’s confirmation.

Afiyo further explained that the NYLF has watch critically the activities of the cabal on Magu’s case to make sure he is not confirmed as the substantive chairman of the EFCC  because they felt he might expose some of their deals.

Thirdly we are calling on the president to do a thorough investigation on Abubakar Maina’s case, we believe that a fair hearing should be given to him, if found wanting, he should be sacked.

He said; ‘Maina’s statement might help the federal government to unveil more concerning his case ” some people might have aided his alleged actions and people behind the mask should be uncovered’.

For Buhari’s presidential ambition in 2019, Afiyo said the president should not make a mistake of come out adding that problem is not Buhari but the people that surrounding him

He said Buhari has played a vital role by stabilizing the country which was the reason they supported him in 2015 as a man of integrity but their discovery in recent times shows he alone cannot do it.

“We did not vote for APC but Buhari just for him to stabilize the country which he has done, so it is time for him to go and rest, adding that he should not fall into the hands of the cabal to make him enter into contest in 2019 because most Nigerians might not vote for him due to the activities of his lieutenants,” he said.

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