Buhari Wants To Install His Wife’s Brother In Adamawa-Group Alleges

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Tom Garba

A political group has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of wanting to install his wife’s brother as the next Governor of Adamawa State.

The pressure group under the aegis of Adamawa youth for change and consolidation, has accused the President of scheming to install Dr. Mahmood Halilu Ahmed as the next Governor of Adamawa State by all means.

The Group urged president Muhammadu Buhari to as a matter of utmost urgency prevent desperate politicians from imposing his in-law Dr. Mahmood Halilu Ahmed as the candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress.

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Saying that such moves may spell doom for the party come 2019 general polls.

The spokesman of the group, Medan Kongo while addressing pressmen in Yola said, it became expedient for them to urge President Buhari to wade into the matter in order to save it from an imminent implosion and defeat in 2019 general election.

Drawing a parallel with the events leading to 2015 polls in Rivers state in which federal might was used against the then incumbent governor Rotimi Ameachi leading to a serious political fracas, the group noted that a similar scenario is also brewing in Adamawa state, as forces averse to Bindow were willy nilly trying to subvert due process with the sole aim of imposing Buhari’s in-law as the party’s torchbearer.

“Your excellency may be shocked to know that Adamawa state is about to be dragged into similar situation Rivers State people faced during the dark days of Goodluck Jonathan.

The promoters of the political aspiration of Mahmud Halilu, your in-law, are trying to rubbish your image by intimidating the party using your name to force on Adamawa citizens, their candidate not minding the effects of their action to your political aspiration and dignity before the citizens of Adamawa who have their highest regards to you Mr. President.

“As father of the nation and leader of the All Progressives Congress, we call on you to caution the leadership of our great party, the APC not to be allowing itself to be used by some self-centred and over ambitious people at the detriment of our great party. We frown at the behaviour and impunity of Dr.Modi who threatens to call Abuja and postponed the primaries which was on-going after the accreditation of delegates.

“Modi made good the threat by calling the national chairman of APC ordering him to postpone the election immediately after the NWC of APC falls into the prey of Modi antics. If not the governor was at hand to calm the delegates, the entire exercise would have ended in fracas.

We are calling on president Buhari and the national chairman of APC to call Modi to order as his ambition is not worth the blood of any Adamawa citizen, if we may recall the repeat of 2015 in Adamawa state is what we are witnessing today when Nuhu Ribadu was imposed by the then ruling party and unfortunately lost the general election,” Kongo said.

The group expressed optimism that president Buhari who is renowned for his demeanor against injustice and impunity will not allow such travesty to happen in the state chapter of APC.

Kongo noted that it became imperative to enumerate the dangers the party will expose itself if the will of the self-styled chieftains of the party is allowed to prevail.

“We want to tell the national chairman of the APC that winning the primaries does not mean winning the general election. I want to make it clear that if Modi is imposed, the tenure of APC will come to an end.

“The Adamawa State Working Committee opted to use an indirect congress in the conduct of all elections for the upcoming primaries of the APC in the state and got the approval of NWC, but just abruptly without warning halted the process.

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