Breaking News : Five Fresh Cases Of Ebola Virus Recorded; Lagos Health Commissioner Confirms

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Five new suspected cases of Ebola Virus Disease were today taken to the Yaba Mainland Hospital in Lagos, Lagos State Commissioner for Health said in a press conference.
According to the Commissioner, he said two of the case were secondary contacts; “We have so far recorded eight suspected cases, five of which came in yesterday, 12 confirmed.”
Lagos State Commissioner of Health Idris Jide Idris said;  “Till date, we have recorded eight suspected cases, five of which came in yesterday, 12 confirmed.”
According to Idris, he said; “On the whole, five have died (including the index case). We are currently following up 213 contacts, and 62 have completed the two-day follow-up.”
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“She, (Dr. Adadevoh) it was, who took the initiative to intimate the Ministry concerning the index case – Liberian-American (Mr. Patrick Sawyer) and substantially to her credit the moderate containment achieved is owed.  She led the team who attended to the index case. Her doggedness and commitment to duty saw her personally reviewing the case even though the patient had earlier been seen by a doctor.”
“The Ministry of Health commiserates with their families, co-workers, friends and loved ones on these irreparable losses which was on the line of duty, even as he said that, government’s “vigorous” contact tracing is now shifting from primary to secondary contacts. The mode of spread remains mainly transmission from an infected person in an infective state and from an infected animal (bat, monkey, etc) to a person.”
According to Lagos Commissioner for Health;  “This is a call for vigilance as human to human transmission is only achieved by physical contact with a person who is acutely and gravely ill (fever being a key sign) from Ebola virus through body fluids such as blood, urine, stool, saliva, breast milk, semen, and vomits. Also he said , burial ceremonies where mourners including family members have direct contact with patients who died of Ebola have also played a role in the spread and direct contact with dead bodies should be minimized at this period, even as washing and burial/disposal of such bodies should be professionally handled with safety to personal health of handlers being a cardinal focus.”
Urging residents of Lagos not to panic, he said; “Certain concerns have been raised regarding those already discharged. I wish to re-assure you that the discharge process was in line with WHO International Health Regulations and they are still being followed up. No recorded carrier state in person that has recovered from the disease has been recorded. I encourage persons who have come in contact with infected persons to report early for treatment as such improves chances of survival.”
On the issue of whether a patient could request for administration of an available unapproved or experimental drugs like ‘Nanosilver’, he said the possibility of that happening is very low as no certified doctor would be willing to administer an unapproved experimental drugs on a patient.

He added further that testing positive to EVD is not a death sentence if detected early, even as he encouraged anyone who manifests Ebola symptoms to give up themselves for proper test and medical care.

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