Boko Haram Kills 26, Burnt 45 Houses In Plateau

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BokoHaram_leader_AFP_360_1-2Banglo-2Bfrance-2BpresseSuspected Boko Haram has invaded communities in Barkin Ladi local government of Plateau state killing 26 members of the community.

The two communities attacked in two days are Inding village and Ropp village, both in Barkin Ladi local government.

In the attack in Ropp village on Wednesday afternoon, nine members of the villages were burnt to ashes inside a room they were hiding.

Chairman of Barkin Ladi local government, Hon Emmanuel Loman who confirmed the attacks said the attackers came in hundreds and surrounded the village preventing the villagers from escaping.

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The council boss said, “These killings are becoming too much and we have been shouting on top of our voices but the appropriate authorities paid deaf ears to our cries.”

According to Loman, “In the last two weeks, over sixty people has been Killed by gunmen in Barkin Ladi local government alone.”

One of the victims of the Ropp attack who escaped narrowly, Samson Dadu said, “At first, the gunmen came and rustle 38 cows from the village. Those cows were recovered the next day by the special task force when the stolen cows were being transported to the local government.

“But after recovering the stolen cows from the Fulanis, they mobilize themselves and attacked people of Inding village where they killed 7 people.

“The next day the attackers came in hundreds and surrounded the whole village, they set every house ablaze and if the occupants of the house try to escape they are either shot dead or hacked down with matchet.

“The attackers are heavily armed, soldiers of the special task force cannot even challenge them,” he said.

The villagers said they have so far recovered 27 bodies and they are still searching.

However, the special task force on Jos crisis code named ‘operation safe haven’ was not available to comment on the attacks.

The line of the spokesman Captain Ikedichi Iweha was said to be switched off when contacted.

The state governor Jonah David Jang has announced a dusk to dawn curfew in the local government to halt the spate of attacks last week. But in spite of that, gun men raided the villages indiscriminately in nights and days.


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