Blame Past Governments For Not Paying Your Salary-Adamawa Government Tells Hospital Management Board Auxiliary Staff

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Tom Garba

  • We will Pay Soon-Head of Service

The Adamawa State Head of Service, Barr Musa Kaibo yesterday while briefing the media in Yola stated that the auxiliary staff of the State’s Hospital Services Management Board (HSMB) backlog of salaries arrears will be paid.

Kaibo maintain that provided they have been screened by the verification committee and authenticated as rightly employed by the Government.

He shifted blame to the previous Governments who gave them employment and refused to pay them their entitlements.

“We have to say the reality, Nyako actually  employed them base on necessity but did not pay them, Umaru Fintir came and they were not considered for payment and the same thing with Governor Bala James Ngilari  who also did not give them due consideration,” he said.

According to Kaibo the 836 workers was to be captured for their payment but it was later discovered that the number was doubled as a result of ghost workers. As some names were smuggled into the list and this made it necessary for the present administration to set up another committee to go round all the health facilities to physically inspect, and ascertain the actual number of staff that have been genuinely employed and that are working at the respective Health facilities in order to effect the payment of their entitlements.

“It’s gratifying to stress that the committee has made tremendous efforts in dealing with abnormalities in the HSMB and Government has concluded arrangements to address all issues pertaining to the staff in that sector, ” Kaibo added.

He further said that the Local Government e-payment is delaying because of issues of omissions of salaries of some verified LG staff that occurred which necessitated Government to set up an Appeal committee in order to address all complaints arising from the newly introduced e-payment in the LG salary administration. The Committee is expected to clear all complaints within 90 days from the date of its inauguration.

It was  past governments, Nyako government being a necessity, Fintir did not, Bala didn’t pay, over 1000 came with fake employment. Some people are not even in the country some are even working somewhere, Next week we are  going out, 5000 did not appear for the verification committee.

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