Between Gov. Tambuwal, Opposition And Developmental Projects

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Our attention has been drawn to an ultimatum issued by some unscrupulous people who paraded themselves as APC members in Sokoto State by the name APC Adalci Buhari Sak demanding Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal to declare his stand on President Buhari or risk more deadly opposition from them.


To say the least, this statement is nothing but only an attempt to factionalize our party, distract the Tambuwal administration, score cheap political point as well as deceive the gullible minds.


We wish to state categorically here that the Group APC Adalci Buhari Sak is unknown, while its members nonentities in the APC. There emergence is only to create false impression among the APC ranks and a distrust between Sokoto State APC and Governor Tambuwal on one hand, and the Buhari administration on the other.


The members of the so called APC Adalci Buhari Sak have never in one way or the other contributed to the development and progress whatsoever of the ruling APC in Sokoto State and country in general, hitherto contributed in creating and instilling choas in the party since coming together of many political parties (merger) to form All Progressive Party (APC), the party that salvage the country from the hand of detractors who deliberately intended to turn down the country to unprogressive society.


We want Sakkwatawa to take note that Dahiru Yusuf Yabo has been on self-imposed exile in Kano state, until when he realized the beginning of 2019 electioneering period is drawing nearer that he teamed up with his like-minds to wreak havoc on the party. His re-appearance to cash in and be relevant in Sokoto state politics is only an opportunity to hoodwink the people.


For Professor Lawal Bashar, his case is that of a drowning man who is trying in vain to survive in his political escapades. First, he faulted the sharing formula of political positions to the legacy parties that formed the APC, but he was squarely addressed by his colleagues from the old CPC led by Ibrahim Magaji Gusau, who is a Special Adviser to the Governor on political affairs. Having lost his first battle, he is now spearheaded the formation of this unknown, unregistered and subversive group by the name APC Adalci Buhari Sak group.


It is worthy of note that there has never been a single instance either secretly or openly when Governor Tambuwal demonstrated disloyalty to President Muhammadu Buhari, ever since the formation of APC to date. He has been a consistent and loyal adherent of political principles of President Buhari and the APC he helped came into being, as an alternative political platform.


On the issue of Governor Tambuwal’s alleged relationship with Governor Wike of Rivers state, it is a relation of both lawyers who know each other even before they joined partisan politics. Similarly, even if they are not colleagues in law practice, there is nothing sinister or wrong for governors to relate and work together for the good of their citizens and the country as a whole. Ever since the return of democracy in Nigeria such friendship and relationship do exist between governors from different political parties. It happened between former Governor Attahiru Bafarawa and Adamu Mu’azu, former

Governor of Bauchi State. A school constructed by Bafarawa of ANPP was named after Adamu Mu’azu’s of PDP.


The group then dwelt on billions of public funds squandered without commensurate infrastructure, which showed they are either deaf and dump or being deliberately mischievous and hypocrites. It is on record that, in the last three years, the Tambuwal administration has done a lot in all sectors that would certainly launches Sokoto state to greatness. In the education sector, it declared state of emergency in the sector. In that regard, it built and equipped a Secondary school in Gudu local government area in the capital Balle worth over 1.2 billion naira.


The state government has sponsored 200 qualified indigenes spread across 23 local government areas based on merit in respect of status to India, Ukraine, Ghana and Sudan to study medicine and health related courses free. In addition, all state indigenes studying in over 48 tertiary institutions are being paid allowances including those studying in the institutions within the state such as Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto State University, Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic among others.


The outstanding arrears of workers’ pension amounting to over 1 billion naira was paid, when other states are battling to pay their monthly salaries of their civil servants, the Tambuwal administration has never stopped paying salaries of its workers despite the economic challenges being faced by the entire country.


The Group said Governor Tambuwal was undermining the war on corruption by terminating all corruption cases against cabinet members; this is where their folly manifested the more. This case in question was on-going for over ten years without establishing facts of corruptions against the accused. That is why the Tambuwal administration view it as a conduit pipe of siphoning huge millions of naira belonging to the government to settle the bills of Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and therefore terminated the cases to serve the government funds so that they can be channeled to developmental projects that has direct bearing on the lives of the electorates. Therefore, it is a challenge to the group to come up with concrete proofs of corrupt practices against those individuals.


On the allegation of confiscation of farmland belonging to Barrister Sanyinna and demolition of Professor Bashar’s school, the democratic government has given citizens’ right to challenge any of its decisions in a competent court of law. Why can’t they sue the state government in court, if they believed what was done to them was illegal, considering that fact, Barrister Sanyinna is a legal luminary who rose to the position of Justice Commissioner and Attorney General in the state? Barrister Sanyinna must also provide evidence how he acquire an asset worth 300 million as a former commissioner.


Therefore, to put the records straight, the Sokoto state APC is a one united, indivisible and cohesive family, with Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal as its leader overwhelmingly supported by the three 3 senators, 11 members of the House of Representatives, 30 state legislators as well as 23 local government councils’ chairmen and their councilors. So, the recent visit of Bola Tinubu Reconciliation Committee is not only a testimony to that, but a clear demonstration of the existing unity, cohesion and indivisibility of the APC under Tambuwal’s administration.


We come to conclude that, APC as a party should take measures against such act of faceless miscreants who are only protecting their personal interest not that of APC.

We the teeming Sokoto State Youth and Students are always in solidarity to the good leadership of Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal (CFR) (Mutawallen Sakkwato) and that of All Progressive Congress (APC) Sokoto state and Nigeria at large.



Thank you.








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