Bauchi State House of Assembly Passes Vote of Confidence on Governor Abubakar, As Stakeholders Kick

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It started like a rumour and speculation, but it ended up being the truth, this is the scenario that explained the recent pass of vote of confidence on Governor Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi by the State House of Assembly this week. findings reveal that prior to the passing of the vote of confidence on the Governor, the lawmakers has planned it, as it was gathered that the already were gathering the signatures from members, a move which this medium learnt didn’t go down well with some members who resisted the move and refused appending their signatures.

But this medium learnt few days after the incident, the leadership of the House was able to muzzle its way through and a vote of confidence was passed on the Governor.

In a the House’s order of the day for Thursday 27th April, 2017, legislative day no 174 seen by shows that the House passed a vote of confidence on the Governor, after a motion was moved by  Hon. Abdullahi Sa’ad Abdulkadir representing Burra.

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The House in its prayer for that motion passed a vote of confidence on the governor citing the governor’s leadership strides in the past two years in office.

The order of the day paper stated thus; “Motion calling on the Hon. House to pass a vote of confidence on His Excellency, Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar Esq. the Executive Governor of Bauchi State. Hon. Abdullahi Sa’ad Abdulkadir (Burra).

P R A Y E R, The Bauchi State House of Assembly, this Thursday 27th day of April, 2017 on the account of his leadership strides for the past two years in office, do pass a vote of confidence on Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar Esq. Executive Governor of Bauchi State.”

Meanwhile, some members of the APC who spoke with this medium queried the rationale behind the passing of vote of confidence on the Governor. According to them if it is on the basis of an account his leadership strides in the past two year, then it mean the legislators has erred, the party stalwarts echoed.

“The legislators may have been allegedly paid for this act, if not why passing a vote of confidence on someone who has collected billions of naira in the last two years, but has not nothing to show for it.

“Can Governor Abubakar tells us what he did, there is nothing there to show, why passing vote of confidence for his leadership strides, which strides are they talking about.


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