Bauchi State Government On The Neck Of Journalists

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Journalists are friends not enemies. But in Bauchi state the reverse is the case. Expelling the ray power FM radio station from Bauchi state is signalling nothing but exposing the inner-mind of the current administration of governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar of solcism and incongruities. The action is depicting exactly how the governor waged a total war against freedom of expression, victimisation of journalists and on the social media activists/bloggers in the state. Why this?

Journalists should be allowed to have access to information as it is in the constitution and not to be harnessed. They shouldn’t be suppressed, molested or put on detention. This is against the democracy that brought you into the power. Honestly, we the people of Bauchi state are ruled by the government that doesn’t believe in an openness and transparency. There are a lot of delinquencies and “I don’t care attitudes” attached to your administration.  You detests criticism and embraces secrecy. To you, private media with its ability to raise questions and expose corruption is irritating. Its contributions to nation building and democracy is not considered. Most of your advisers are leading you astray, because they don’t tell you the truth.

But you should be noted once again that state monopoly in the media is against the right to freedom of expression as it is stated vividly in the Nigeria’s constitution. Lastly, I am calling your government to STOP harassment of the private press with immediate effect. STOP declaring hidden war on the media houses. STOP instilling fear in the mind of social media activists and other bloggers.


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