As Bauchi State Elders Lost Their Voice: A Tribute To Hon. Ahmed Yerima Misau

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Comrade Muhammad Auwal Gotel

Fellow Bauchians, My mind raced through some stream of consciousness and flashes of sadness. As I remembered our dead and living heroes, the authentic freedom fighters who made our democracy possible. People of high esteem that sacrifice there all so we may live and enjoy the bundle of promises brought about by democratic dispensation. These are people that stand firm and speak boldly for the masses and the oppressed. This are stand out individuals, ELDERS and giant philanthropists that ensured balance between the rich and the poor, were the rich kids and their poor counterparts had existed side by side. The gap was not as wide as it is today between us the lumped proletariat and members of the privilegentsia. We shared the same vision and we ate and struggled together. We all dreamt of a great Bauchi state believing we could make Bauchi state become the Dubai of Nigeria. As I write this piece, one individual runs through my mind, and he is no one other than the one I called a super legislator Hon. Ahmed Yarima Misau a legislator representing Misau/Dambam Constituency at the green chamber. Few months back, this super hero was not a household name in the political arena of Bauchi state, virtually no one outside his constituency knows or was aware of him. This gentle statesman came to limelight at a time when all our elders, traditional leaders, religious clerics,  and statesmen lost their voices, and suddenly became artificially deaf and dumb, they intentionally loses there sight and pretend to be not informed about the anarchy and impunity that was about to consume us. This bunch of wankers pretends to stay silent while there sons and daughters suffers from the clutches of misrule. Those wankers or more or less profiteers I could say failed to Intervene because of their cheap personal targets; there fear was not unconnected to possible favours they believe might come their way if they support the government by hook or crook.

Yerima as a class A stakeholder of the ruling APC, against all odds lent his voice to the oppressed citizens of Bauchi state whom went several months without receiving there hard earned salaries. In a statement he issued in Bauchi, Yerima termed the current administration as one that lacks focus and lost touch with its people, a statement that led to his embarrassing suspension from the APC. The gallant legislator went further to call the government attention on the need for a redress. He makes sure that the yearnings and sufferings of the poor citizens of Bauchi state reached the right destination, he does so by officially submitting a written petition to the Vice president of the federal Republic of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo. Yerima’s intervention has humbly become a big slap on the face of Bauchi state political brokers, opinion leaders and above all has further exposed the weaknesses in our legislative institution (state house of assembly).

Dear Mr Yerima, your contributions at this time of crises is worthy of being celebrated and has sent a clear signal and a message of intent that you are a super hero not only in Misau/Dambam but entire Bauchi state. Your interventions still remains fresh in our minds and your name is already written in gold. Continue with your humanitarian sacrifices and I assure you that all of us from here are 100% behind you. You prefer to faceoff with your party than to watch your people suffers day and night. Remain blessed as you discharge your legislative duties, our support remain intact. A new hero was born in Rep. Ahmed Yarima Misau, welcome to the league.

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  1. Ambima Likita says

    I’ll remember the name, Hon. Ahmed Yerima Misau.

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