How Bauchi SSG, Nadada Umar, One Farouk Gwadabe, Became The Unseen Hands In The Crisis Rocking NUBASS

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The Bauchi State Secretary to State Government, SSG, Nadada Umar, and Fraouk Gwadabe who is the Head of the Bauchi State Commission for Youth and Women Rehabilitation Orientation and Development (BACYWORD) findings reveals are the clog in the wheel of progress of National Union of Bauchi State Students (NUBASS).

As learnt by this medium, the duos are responsible for the crisis bedeviling the union, as a matter of fact; the disintegration of the student union into two factions is as a result of the interference of the above two government officials. learnt that whole crisis started when the tenure of the former NUBASS President in the person of Musa Jibrin finished, rather than constitute an election committee as the constitution stipulated he didn’t and wanted to hold on to power. According to NUBASS constitution, he is supposed to constitute an election committee 30 days before his tenure elapses.

He, however, insisted on continuing as NUBASS president, a move which didn’t go down well with Student union members.

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Moreso, the Senate of the National Union Bauchi State Students, NUBASS by the following the constitution of a caretaker committee which was in place, however curiously Musa Jibrin when he noticed a caretaker committee was in place and also on the day his tenure expired being 10th October constituted a convention committee which the Senate of NUBASS saw as illegal since he was no more a student.

Meanwhile, the SSG and FarouK Gwadabe in order to install their own stooge Sale Toro passed through Musa Jibrin to get their desire achieved. learnt that judicial council of the Student union relied on Section 8(1) which states thus; “ordinary membership shall be open to all students of Bauchi origin,” but according to information available to this medium, rather than stepping down having graduated from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi wanted to continue as NUBASS president, which the student union members, Senate and Judicial commission of NUBASS vehemently opposed to.

In a petition dated 11th September, 2017 and addressed to the Director State Security, Bauchi State, congressmen of NUBASS wrote and intimating him of the fact Musa Jibrin was longer a student of any tertiary institution in the country, having graduated from ABU in June 2017, while stating the fact before the Director that no one can an ordinary member of union without being a student not to talk of holding any elective position.

The letter further went on accuse Musa Jibrin that; “Unfortunately he chose to remain in power without considering enough implication attached to such criminal act. We wondered yet again, Musa Jibrin went ahead upon all those oddities to call for an annual convention for the union which the congressmen are struggling to know in which capacity is he to hold such fundamental core of this union. This event brought us once constituting a so-called convention committee by the former, which he vehemently lacked the capacity in any constitutional stand for being not recognized by any section of the scripture,” the congressmen said in their letter.”

Also in another letter dated 11th 5eptember,2017 and addressed to Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar the  Executive Governor Bauch State, as well as to the Special Assistant to the Governor on Scholarship and Student Matters Comrade Najimudeen Garba, the Senate of the Students Union, in their resolution stated thus; “Under the base of the union constitution and the powers vested on the senate-house Section 17 (1)(e).Considering the letter of petition served at about10am of this Monday of September 2017. We felt it is a duty bound to response as a matter of urgent importance that have been bordering the union; the matter of validity of tenure in office, membership and above all the none adherence to the provision of the constitution by Musa Jlbrln and his cohort which required a timely establishment of convent on committee as enshrined in the union constitution; Section 48 and 45.”

“Consequently, another contention which is full of profound dismay is the issue his legitimacy from the line of studentship that automatically initiates every member in the union, Section 8 (1) and Section 9 (1) of the union constitution.”

The following resolution was taken by the Senate, that;  The entire executive member of the National Union of Bauch! State Student who assumed office on the 10th October 2016 is hereby dissolved reference to the early section.

That; the Senate further declared that all the properties In their possession must be referred to the National Secretary with proper documentation and evidence of retiring those properties within 24hrs.

And that; Finally, by the clear and unambiguity power rested on the Senate House of the National Union of Bauchi State Student hereby introduce the caretaker committee for the union whom shall steer the general affairs of the union for a time being with reference to the provision of the Section 43, 14(i) (e) and 43 (1) (2) and (4).

As gathered by this medium one of the things that Musa Jibrin did was to organize a convention even when he was aware he is no more in office, and that his tenure has ended. With the help and orchestration of Farouk Gwadabe the head of Bauchi State Commission for Youth and Women Rehabilitation Orientation and Development, BACKWORD, and the Bauchi State Secretary to the State Government, SSG, Nadada Umar, he organized the convention. To make sure he organizes the convention, the duo of Nadada Umar and Farouk Gwadabe, released the sum of N3 million to organize the illegal convention.

Just as he was still swimming in illegality, he was again given the sum of N1.8 million for the organization of the NUBASS week, which is yet to be held, due to not getting a go-ahead order from the security agencies by the same duo of Nadada Umar and Farouk Gwadabe.

In order to ensure that their lackey remains in office as the President of NUBASS, learnt that one Farouk Sale Toro was brought out by the SSG Nadada Umar and Farouk Gwadabe to become the President of NUBASS against the wishes of the Bauchi Students union. In fact, findings show that also Toro was given N1.5 million by Nadada Umar through Farouk Gwadabe as his own contribution.

Toro was chosen by the SSG because the said Toro’s father who was a former Agriculture commissioner under Adamu Muazu’s regime and a friend to Nadada Umar, as such that was the reason of backing Toro for president of NUBASS against the wishes of the Bauchi State student.

As learnt by this medium, Musa Jibrin was acting in real illegality because as a non-student, he is no more a member of NUBASS and has no right whatsoever to carry out any activity of that concerns NUBASS, since he is out of office. But rather than honorably do the right thing, he continued to swim in illegality first by holding a convention, then held NUBASS week as well as conducting election ably backed by the SSG and Farouk Gwadabe which they produced Sale Toro as the NUBASS president for their faction, all for their self-pursuit.

As this was on, the generality of Bauchi Students went on and conducted an election which produced Hamza Muhammad Maikudi who they recognize as the authentic president of NUBASS.

But as it is, the influence of the SSG and Farouk Gwadabe, they have further divided NUBASS again by creating another faction, thereby repeating the same scenario that has happened earlier.

Meanwhile, Hamza Muhammad Maikudi this medium learnt that met with the Governor yesterday around Kangere, it is not known if the Governor will heed to the voice of the generality of Bauchi Students and allowed the one they considered their authentic president lead them, or whether the one backed by his SSG and one of his aides have his way and continue the illegality, only time will tell.

See Petition Against Musa Jibrin Below:

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