Bauchi Lawmaker Dispels Rumor Of Misunderstanding Between The Legislatures, Gov Abubakar

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Masoyi Lusa

mase-0622The member representing Bauchi Constituency in the Bauchi state House Assembly Honorable Abdullahi Shehu Mohammed had dispels the rumour that there is a misunderstanding between the legislatures and the Governor Mohammed Abubakar

Abdullahi Shehu dispels the rumour in a chat with newsmen in Bauchi and described the statement as unfounded and frivolous in trying to undermine the state government efforts to change.

According to him, I want  to tell you this are unfounded reports  rumour moving round the state, there is no misunderstanding between the governor and the house this are  just mere rumour cook  to tarnish the Good name of the Honourable House and the good  relationship between the governor and the legislatures ,

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“there is nothing like that, we never discussed anything as such in the house,  so I am calling on the good people of Bauchi state to disregard those peddling the rumour of impeachment of the governor by the House, as I am talking to you now the the house had gone for recess since  27 of August and majority of the members have gone for pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia to perform their Islamic  right, only two members remained behind in the state and that is me and one other member”‎ Shehu said

The lawmaker pointed out that it’s is a false report and rumour going about just to frustrate the process of development in the state.

He said ” I received several phones called over the allegations and I read  from a newspaper that the Governor came begging members of the House  over the impeachment, that he the Governor Mohammed Abubakar gave us the sum   (four hundred thousand and sixty five million Naira)  through his deputy to appease us to stop the process of impeachment, these  are all frivolous  false and cook stories that have no source, as I said they are trying to blackmail both the Governor and members of the house so as  to also create confusion in the state they will not succeed”

Abdullahi  reiterated that   there is nothing like misunderstanding between us, in fact we have a good working relationship and understanding  with the Governor,  in no time that we had  feud, we have cordial and good working relationship he always  sought for our advice we sought for his own too, because we are all working for a way out to bring change as agitate during our electioneering campaign and the party manifestos, you see change does not come a day, with the destructions of this country in 16 years it will take time to effect the change.



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