Bauchi Governor- Elect To Trace Siphoned Resources By Masoyi Lusa, Bauchi

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The elected governor of Bauchi state under All Progressive Congress (APC). Barrister Mohammed Abubakar has assured that his administration not probe the PDP administration, but will make sure it trace the huge funds allegedly siphoned to revamp the state economy
Abubakar made the declaration with universal reporters  shortly when he was declared winner of Bauchi state governorship election under the APC
” I assure the people o the state that my administration will embark on all efforts to trace the huge resources that was looted in previous governbment and we will definitely do that” said Abubakar
He added that his administration is not going to waste time on probing PDP government compared to their regime when at the end, nothing was achieved, but waste of resources since no single penny was recovered
The governor elect lament that PDP had  endangered poverty in the state and have use the poverty as weapon to impoverish the masses
He stand grounds to accord more attention in his campaign manifestos in line with APC dream to effect the necessary change for the yearning and aspiration of people
Earlier in his address, the elected governor has also promise to organized a historic submit for Bauchi state indigents to provide platform on how to move the state forward
According to   him, youths will be involve as catalyst of nation building while in office following the roles to protect the APC votes throughout election period
He therefore assured his administration will operate open door policy to create an enabling environment to people irrespective of political and religious difference

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