Ban On Rally, Procession And Demonstration In Uyo And Environs

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Akwa Ibom State Police Command received a letter from a law firm to carry out a protest in Uyo and another letter from an organization requesting for Police permission to carry out a demonstration. The two requests were intended to take place on the same date, time and location, and are all meant to draw large number of supporters.

Considering the contrast intention of the two groups and the threat it pose to the security and safety of the good people of Akwa Ibom State, it becomes imperative that the Police Command, step in promptly to avert a total breakdown of law and order.

The two groups were invited for dialogue with the Commissioner of Police and agreed that the proposed protests should be put off.

The good people of Akwa Ibom are enjoined to go about their lawful activities and business as the Command has made adequate arrangement for their peace and security.

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The Command wishes to state categorically that any person or group of persons bent at causing the breach of peace or break down of law and order will be dealt with in accordance with the law.




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