Attention Gov. Umar Abdullahi Ganduje, The Executive Governor Of Kano State

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I deem it fit to write this little but important epistle through this medium because it seems to be the only means through which it may get to you. With due respect and a sense of belonging as a northerner; I see your administration as a threat to the political future of the north, as your actions seem to or are bringing back the gone ignorant days of political thuggery. Kano State is very strategic and important to the north; the culture, socio-economic and political status of the Hausa-Fulani is embedded in the ancient city.

You’ve revived thuggery which was becoming a thing of the past, thus bringing Kano and the north in a bad light.

Your administration instead of empowering our able and teaming young men and women positively with good and qualitative education, and skills that will sustain them and boast Kano State and the north at large. You have chosen to empower them with stick and knives.

Instead of focusing on building better infrastructure, unnecessary bickering and rivalry you’ve engaged in. Which in no way will help an average Kano man or woman?

The gross and glaring irregularities in the just concluded Local Government elections have somewhat is a great slap on your administration and the north as a region.

On this note your Excellency, I am appealing to your good conscience to retrace your governance style and begin the opposite of what you are currently doing. For how you govern not only affects Kano State but the North as a region.

Yours RealisHaroon Yusuf Abba
Writes from Jos
[email protected]

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