As President Jonathan Declares Tomorrow : What Is Going To Be His Manifestos?

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As President Goodluck Jonathan is set to declare his intentions to re-contest the Presidential elections in 2015, one must spare time and think what is going to be the manifestos that President Jonathan will present to Nigerians? If the President is unable to achieve anything that he wanted to achieve as President (whether personal or governmental) in Five years, then one must think what is it that the  President wants to add or achieve by re-contesting in 2015?
Already, a committee for the declaration of the President has already been set up. The former PDP acting chairman who was also the former defense minister sacked by President Jonathan has been named as the chairman of the declaration committee. A lot other sub-committees has been formed. Among the other people on the declaration committee include Gov. Shema among others.
What is it this time around that the President wants to achieve that he did not achieve it in his five year tenure? Is it that the President wants to secure Nigeria? Is it employment? Or electricity? Health? Food security?
I have been wondering what is  going to be the manifestos of the President? In Nigeria, politics is not about ideology, manifesto, and popularity. In Nigeria, politics is all about “God fatherism”, money for campaign, and ability to rig elections.
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Section 137 has made it clear that no person should lead Nigeria for more than eight years. The fate of Mr President is still in the court. Whatever the court decides, that will be the next line of action of Jonathan.
But until then, I will wait patiently to x ray the manifestos of the President. It will be laughable if the President will come back and tell Nigerians that, if Nigerians re-elect him, his administration will fight corruption. It will be recalled that over 20 billion dollars went missing at a time under the watchful eye of the President – as reported by Emir Sanusi.
Also, the missing 10 billion Naira,  etc. It will also be madness if the President will include employment into his manifestos. The Immigration jobs scandal should make him to have a rethink about including employment in his manifestos.
Perhaps I can agree that privatizing NEPA is better than keeping it. But the President promised us uninterrupted power supply. He even said Nigerians are going to sell their generators. The President promised us rule of law. Today where is Maina? Why was Tambuwal’s details removed?
The President also promised us “TRANSFORMATIO”, in what way Nigeria was transformed? When? How? Is it from negative to positive? Or vice versa?
By next week, Nigerians and myself God willing  will start to see how the President will go about his manifestos and declaration. But until then, “let sleeping dogs ….”
Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari
Usmanu Danfodiyo University


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