Arrest Perpetrators Of Communal Clashes Between Irigwe/Berom-Hon Barry

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Yakubu Busari

An APC chieftain in Plateau state, Hon James Barry has raised alarm that Nigerians are suffering from the problem of ignorance and political looser syndrome.

Speaking in an interview at his residence in Tudun Wada, Jos North Local Government Area, he challenged those who lost the recent election to see it as an act of God not to begin to create unnecessary hatred or cause trouble and made wide range of confusion within people of the same state.

Barry said the present administration is working hard to restructure the economy but few individuals are now plotting the downfall of the APC government.

He condemned in its totality the rising cause of conflict in our society today, he added that people who committed this heinous act of brutality has not been apprehended up till now by the security operatives, adding further he said it is an unfortunate thing that what happened between the Irigwe/ Berom on Sunday doesn’t warranted the loss of lives and properties of innocent people.

The former commissioner explained that somebody was killed around Gana-wuri area on Sunday; “only God knows who the people that committed the act in close mining field were, again on Monday trouble broke up with high rate attack because some group felt they have the weapons to kill.”

Barry maintained that the APC government is preaching about peace and peaceful coexistence and some people are being deceived, these people didn’t vote for our candidate, so we need to take revenge against them, now they have so they decided to be at loggerheads with their neighbors carrying arms and ammunition.

“We need to preach peace and love because this problem of lack of love among us is tearing the state apart, we must love ourselves, so that we can continue to protect each other from external aggression”.

Adding, the spirit of unity love and understanding of each other had disappear the hallmark of hatred recorded in the recent past continue to develop deep inside us and leading to killings of one another.

“We appeal to the media to discourage the spirit of reporting event capable of destroying our togetherness and calling on security agencies to bring the situation under control so that wanton destruction of human lives and properties should be stopped.”

Barry called on security operatives to bring those perpetrators of Irigwe/Berom communal clashes an end.

He condemned the killings at  Irigwe  and Berom over land dispute as he added that the two Local government Areas has before now continued to maintain brotherly relationship for many years .

Barry sued for cordial relationship between the people of Irigwe and the Berom speaking native over the misunderstanding that led to loss of lives and properties of the affected communities.

We are yet to do what God has actually asked us to do ,) you know Kwall is bordering Riyom when some Berom youths attacked the area leading to the death of Irigwe youths.

The crisis which brought mutual suspicion between the two communities lead to  wanton destruction of lives and properties.

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