APC’s North-East Vice-Chairmanship Position: How One Umar Duhu Forged APC North East Zonal Office Letter Headed Paper–APC North-East Officials

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The North East Zonal office of the All Progressives Party (APC) in Bauchi has out rightly distanced and refuted that they have never at any point in time nominated Umar Duhu to replace the vacant office created by Engr. Babachir David Lawal  as a North east Vice Chairman of the Party.

In a letter jointly signed by the zonal publicity secretary, Engr Hamid Iliyasu, Zonal women leader, Mrs. Fatima Danjuma and Zonal Youth Leader Mr. Michael Tanko which was copied to Atiku Abubakar, former vice president of Nigeria, Speaker House of Representatives, the Governors of Adamawa, Borno, Yobe, Bauchi, as well as the leaders of the North East caucus in the Senate caucus and in the House of Representatives.

They accused Umar of parading himself with a forged letter headed paper to have been nominated by the party’s zonal party stakeholders as the North East Vice Chairman.

The letter read thus; “It has come to our notice to a letter dated 20th January, 2017 and petition set to the office by one Umar Duhu with an unknown address. We wish to inform you that this individual is not known to us at the zonal office nor was a meeting held with any of us at the zonal office. However we are very surprise to discover the following.

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”A letter headed paper purported to be of the north east zone in his possession. That a meeting was held with some stakeholders who appended their signature in the purported zonal letter headed is strange to us. Also when and where the meeting took place remains a mystery.

”In view of that, we believe the zonal letter headed paper was forged and the stakeholders’ signatures were gotten under false pretense. We therefore urge the national Secretariat to further investigate this infringement.”

They asked myriads of questions in the letter that needed cogent answers from Umar Duhu, as according to them, the purported letter forged by him does not have any of the  zonal officials signature.

”Why was the letter dated 20th January 2017 and was received 28th June 2017 in a period over five months is this not questionable?”

”Who originated the letter from zonal office that didn’t sign the letter? How were the signatures obtained since some officials started acting after the purported meeting and none of the signatures were dated?”

In their observations the stand on the view as a zonal office disassociated themselves from the letter. And the nomination of Umar Duhu as a replacement of Babachir David Lawal as national Vice chairman North east is not coming from the zonal office in Bauchi.

The letter also reads that:

”Our investigation revealed that the under signed did not accept to have held any extra ordinary meeting regarding replacement of national vice chairman north east.

“To this effect the post is zoned to Adamawa state and we stand by any nomination emanating from the State party and the stakeholders. And any documents carrying any other nomination are null and void.”

The nominated North East Vice Chairman, Comrade Mustapha Salihu responded that Duhu is just chasing shadows with venoms of his political utterances.

He labeled Umar as a blackmailer and a popular desperado who is seeking for ungodly way of wanting to be a leader at all cost because of his evil agenda to settle scores with other political allies of the party.

”How can Umar forged a letter headed paper of the north east zonal office of our party, falsifying people’s signature as well as using it to induce some of our stakeholders that they are endorsing  him to be the Zonal Vice chairman of the North east of the party. I’m indeed disappointed to have such a member in the party who claims he knows everything but yet acts uncivilized to get what is due for.” Mustapha said

Mustapha also denounced that there is no any protest of whatever type elsewhere against his nomination carried out as said by Umar, that Duhu only sponsored thugs. Please tell us what stake does Ayuba Tumba have in APC? Go through the records, all the people who claimed to be stakeholders along with Ayuba Tumba are just attention seekers with no stake in APC.

According him there is no protest from anybody in the party in all the six states constituting the zone, but he said he was reliable told that Umar hired unknown persons (thugs) to the leadership of the party to disgrace himself. If they are truly stakeholders which position do they hold in the party?

“In an interview carried out in one of the national dailies Umar was quoted to have said that no any member of the National working community (NWC) is in the know of my nomination, but the question I want to ask is that, why is it that no any member of the working committee is complaining or challenging my stand as the nominated National Vice chairman of the North east zone?” He asked

“Umar Duhu did not follow due process which is used to secure nomination from his state party chapter  but went and forged a letter headed paper of the party and my fear is that if he do not explain how he got the letter there could be legal consequences against him.” he added.

All efforts made to get Umar through his telephone line to comment on the petition accusing him of criminal act, failed as he refused to answer his calls.

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