APC Wards Primaries Will Expose PDP Intrigues And Failed Leadership In Nigeria

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Yakubu Busari


The All Progressive  Congress wards Congresses has  been described  as one of the most  peaceful and  successful in Jos North Local Government  Council as the delegates  were full of endorsement and  affirmation of the existing exco to continue maintaining  statusquo.


The National  Coordinator for  Buhari Campaign  Organization  ,BCO,  Hon Danladi  Pasali  lauded  the delegates  for their  peaceful conduct and  choosing  credible  leaders that  will  spear head the party to victory  come  2019 general  elections.


Pasali  admonished  supporters  of the  APC  across  the state  to demonstrate  their  commitment  and  loyalty  to the  new exco in promoting  the tenet  of democracy.


He stressed  that  the mass  turn up  for delegates  and  peaceful  conduct  is an indication  that  the party is intact.


According  to him, the orderliness  and  endorsement of the same exco to run the affair of the party  was a decision  taken at the  national  convention  which  today  we all assembly to endorse and confirm  our 2014 exco to maintain  their position .


Hon Danladi Pasali  lauded  the  delegates  agreeing with the directive  and  has been  affirmed to stop importation  of illegal  people  to the collection  centres to cause  unnecessary setback to the party leadership.


He disclosed  that  the exercise  was very  peaceful  members  turn out in mass we have all finish  our consultation  with  stakeholders  while the the party  invite  INEC to witness  the whole  exercise  for affirmations  only.


Pasali  cautioned that  the wards Congresses  was done in agreement  with  the interest  of the  party high  ranking  but I believe  that  we shall  all agree  to disagree  in politics  .


He added  that  President  Muhammadu Buhari remains  a strong  democrat by visiting  his home  town participate  in the  wards Congresses  is clear demonstration  grassroots  politics  of a visionary  leader in the  history  of Nigeria  when  the president  abandon  all the  work to identify  with  ward chairmanship  elections.


Danladi Pasali  pointed out that  Nigerian  should  exercise  patience  and  wait  for dividends  of democracy  which  the present  regime  is working  hard to repositioning  all the  doctors.


Meanwhile in a statement by BCO National Coordinator, Danladi Fasali, he said, “The continuation of such dirty politics to win elections at all cost, by people who looted the wealth of the country in the past is a signal that the party has not learnt any lessons from Nigerians.


“The widespread allegations of buying delegates and Governors at the convention of the biggest opposition party in the country, is worrisome. We see this as a signal that coming 2019 such attitude will continue whereby PDP candidates will use looted funds to converse for votes.


“However, we are certain that majority of Nigerians have now learnt lessons from money-bag politics and its implications. No patriotic Nigerian is willing to experience such types of politics in the future of our country.


“We are disappointed that despite the clamor of the fight against corruption in the country, the PDP has not yet changed.


“We the ‘Buharists’ are ready to face any politician in 2019 no matter how much he /she holds on Election Day. We believe that money is no longer a weapon for election in Nigeria, only the integrity, dedication and selfless politicians will have their way.”

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