APC Inaugurates 36 States Coordinators ,Challenge Them To Rise Up By Yakubu Wuyep,Jos

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A group under  the aegis of   Progressive Youths Support Group for Good Governance ,PYSGOGG ,in APC,  has inaugurated 36 state  coordinators in  Nigeria  to enlighten grassroots on the wind of change   ahead of 2015 general elections .
Chairman of the occasion, Dr Ibrahim Yakubu Lame a Governorship aspirant in Bauchi state called on the youths to  supportive  accountability ,transparency and quality representation  to continue to  be committed to rebuilding the country.
He said,the capacity of the Nigerian state have been compromised, but assured that the country can be repositioned when the right leadership are  put in place.
He decried that ethnic and corruption had destroyed the fabric of our   society which gave birth to religious and political crises with many  desperate for a position .
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Lame encouraged the youths who are agents of change to continue to mobilize themselves towards educating other for a better year ahead.
In his welcome address by Honourable Latep Dabang , APC Chairman Plateau state said,the state is ready to support youth initiatives for organizing ideas that will bring change and progress .
He also said the convention is  adopting the six-point manifesto that has been extracted from the one submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission earlier for the purpose of the 2015 general elections.
Dabang said: ““In this regard, we have conducted a survey to find out what Nigerians urgently need at the moment is  to raise their standard of living and ensure their security and welfare.
Adding that based on the outcome of the survey, we have come up with a six-point manifesto, which we extracted from the one we submitted to INEC earlier ,he added.
“The Rivers state coordinator Amieyeofori Joshua Erekeosima stressed that priority areas for APC ahead of the 2015 general elections are National Security, Good Governance, Human Capital Development, Economic Development, Land and Natural Resources as well as Foreign Policy.
He stressed that the issue of job creation, fight against corruption, infrastructural development, health, qualitative education, regular power supply, etc. are subsumed under these broad priority areas.”
According to him, they plan to sensitize the youths on the importance of the youth campaign manifesto which has been adopted at the convention, it will be made massively available to all Nigerians.
The organizer Plateau state coordinator Hon.Solomon Yakubu Ndam  said the shocking  fact is that efforts are ongoing to ensure the core value of Nigeria, which we  brainstorm and proffer solution to bad governance in Nigeria  , hence it was expected that this will give room for the efforts to yield fruits.
Ndam said, the All Progressives Congress expressed shock over the intolerable level of corruption ,impunity ,unemployment infrastructural decay ,worsening educational standards,deteriorating security above all bad governance.
PYSGOGG coordinator noted that the average Nigerian must feel the impact of governance and that is what APC has promised to offer states in 2015.
Ndam , however, he urged the youth to create awareness considering the period Nigeria is into as extraordinary which cannot affect the overall chances of the party in the forthcoming polls.
Comrade Mohammed Danbaba Mustapha ,” expressed the hope that the members will work toward reconsidering more people ahead of general elections.
Mustapha  challenges state coordinators to make sure that three persons are agent in all the polling units  for the party, but urged the coordinators to go back to the drawing board to re-strategize and redouble their efforts to retain the state in 2015.
“Every member of our party is important to its overall success, but none is more important than the party. Against this background, no member can hold the party into ransom.”

The APC said it is a mere fallacy for anyone to conclude that the defection of some members, irrespective of their self importance, will dramatically alter the chances of the party in 2015, and therefore urged its members in the country not to lose any sleep over the latest development.

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