APC chieftain frowns at obsolete Nigeria laws in the Fight against corruption

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Yakubu Wuyep

An All Progressive Congress (APC) chieftain and a campaign coordinator of President Muhammadu Buhari in Plateau State, Hon Alex Kwapnoe has frowned at obsolete Nigeria law.

Addressing journalists at his resident in Bukuru Jos he said; “As a patriotic and responsible Nigerian ,I did not subscribe fully to the manner the fight against corruption is being done in all ramifications because of the law punishes those steal billions and someone who steal one naira with the same measure”

Kwapnoe condemned “in strong terms the sustained onslaught on the rule of law and constitutional process as evidence in the ongoing fight against corruption, he praised President Buhari for anti-corruption crusade,stresses Nigeria will be better in its struggle after Muhammadu Buhari who is laying the solid foundation of good governance and purposeful government for generations to come.

He accused the judiciary in the country of  frustrating the effort of the President in the fight against criminals who stole one naira and the ones that steal billions at receiving the same treatment, a situation he frowned at as he said some of them would be released on bailed.

‘Adding, he said; “President Buhari cannot fight corruption without the support of the judiciary so we employed the use of Nigerian jurists in tackling the scourge of corrupt government officials through the removal of past directors ,heads of parastatals in the last dispensation of Jonathan’s regime.

‘I have spoke in many forum about the issue of bad governance which has eaten deep into the fabric of the society so no society can grow with the manner corruption menace is being handle ‘he explained.

The APC government under president Buhari is set to reposition Nigeria through his program of fighting present and past corrupt government officials, considering the 1960 toothless fight because the security has become more sentiment.

According to him, if Nigeria wants to fight corruption in the modern day a lot have to be done by strengthening the law and look at penal court, while to me, we also get all the big shots and get them locked up, then many others will start returning this stolen funds.

Kwapnoe maintained that,”we must upgrade all our law to meet up the challenges and also put the right people to do the job, we saw directors that squandered millions, and were asked to pay few thousands and they paid; now they are moving freely in our streets.

As people blame the war against anti-graft, if they were not involved how would they be picked up, see the young Korean President urged security to hanged the uncle for engaging in corruption deal, let many looters face wrap of law now.

“We are mourning our young soldiers and those who died because of some thievery died in vain, we need to review our court and for me unless fair hearing is given to address the numerous challenges of corruption, corruption will not stop”.

He called for probe of the Jang administration because he has been accused of squandered the state funds amounting to over 200 billion with huge debt including non payments of workers salary and arrears of 5 years.

Jang siphoned billions yet he moved freely in the streets when we have institutes like DSS , Police and SSS who are saddle with right to prosecute his government.



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