Alleged N18bilion Fraud: The Limits of Grandstanding

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The Current Allegations of N18bilion Fraud hanging on the head of the Former Acting Governor of Adamawa State and some of his colleagues has raised a number of questions that beg for urgent answers. It has also exposed the limits of grandstanding in the political misadventure embarked upon by some elements within the Adamawa political class and their agents within and outside the State. We wish to reiterate that the whole impeachment saga was steeped in extreme illegalities and self-serving interests.
We therefore raise the following questions which need urgent answers:
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1.Should it be eventually proven that a colossal amount of N18 billion was expended by the Former Acting Governor in less than 3 Months, then what is this moral basis for accusing any other person of misappropriating state funds? What becomes of the grandstanding that was used to justify the purported impeachment of Governor Murtala Nyako?
2.That he could even find himself in a situation where he will be accused of such an act is really unfortunate considering the supposed moral pedestal he used in ousting the former Governor. Whether it is proved or not, doesn’t he think he has lost the moral ground to accuse anyone else of misappropriating public funds?
3.Should we believe the defense being put by his apologists that he is being hounded by Opposition Politicians, and that the whole thing is just political blackmail? If so between the allegations leveled against him and the one he leveled against others especially Murtala H Nyako which one is political blackmail? Why will his own be political blackmail and that of others be accepted as true?
4.How come the leakage of such sensitive information is coming from people supposedly close to former Acting Governor? Why will his former comrades in arms suddenly turn his arch enemies? What really went wrong? Or is it a case of “munafunci Dodo, yakan ci maishi?”
We wish to call on the anti-corruption agencies (ICPC and EFCC) to investigate this Matter thoroughly because as they say, there is smoke without fire. Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri needs to treat all matters related to his term as Acting Governor very Seriously at least to prove to the world that his roles in the supposed impeachment of Governor Nyako and the illegal removal of Barr Bala Ngilari were not motivated by selfish and self-serving interest to assume the position of Acting Governor as a stepping stone to self-enrichment. He should come clean and embrace the truth so that it can set him free. On our part, we shall make sure that the matter is not swept under the carpet (since we hold the broom) or hidden in the folded umbrella of the PDP.

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