Al-Habibiyya Islamic Society Felicitates With Nigeria Muslim Umma On New Islamic Calendar/Hijrah 1437ah

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imagesAs the New Islamic Calendar 1437AH commences on Thursday 15th October, 2015, Al-Habibiyya Islamic Society, Kaduna Branch felicitates with the Nigeria Muslim Umma and the world at large.

The Islamic calendar or Hijri calendar (AH) is a lunar calendar consisting of 12 months in a year of 354 days. It is used by Muslims everywhere to determine the proper days on which to observe the annual fasting, to attend Hajj, and to celebrate other Islamic holidays and festivals.

It is on this note; Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Organisation Kaduna Branch wishes to use this period to urge the Muslim Umma to be steadfast in their faith to Allah (SWT).

As Muslims, we should also use this period to reflect back, look inward and correct our shortcomings by striving to be more righteous before our Creator (Allahu SWT), by adhering to His rules.

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We are also urged to use this period to pray fervently for our dear nation and our leaders.

Hence, we implore Allah (SWT) The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful, to protect and guide our newly elected leaders aright, Amin.

Once again, wishing you all Happy New Islamic Year 1437AH!


Misbahudeen M. Raji

Imam Al-Habibiyya, Kaduna Branch

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