Akwa Ibom PDP: What If APC Wins? By Eneh John

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Political watchers of Akwa Ibom state politics will agree with me that the state remains unsettled on who will or is actually the PDP governorship candidate in the state.
Before I proceed with this article, I will want to state my position, because, lately, it has been a case of tagging one with either as an APC or PDP member.
When you speak the truth, you must be attached to a particular political party either for good or bad.
 What arouse my interest is how the members, if not “a cabal.” in the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in Akwa Ibom State will think that this state actually belongs to them.
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Even before elections are held, they have distributed offices to themselves.
causing acrimonies within the party circle.
Uyo senatorial district had produce the speaker in the outgoing administration, they are to produce the speaker again if their supposed candidate “Udom Emmanuel”  eventually fly the flag of the PDP in the state.,
 “Chop I Chop politics” in Akwa Ibom PDP has not allowed some persons to see beyond where they are.
 Unfortunately, some have made themselves ‘thin god’ by already seeing themselves in the already allotted offices.
the truth remains, you don’t need to campaign to be a member of the state house of assembly in Akwa Ibom state today.
you are to select the office coming to your zone and campaign for it. Either as speaker, majority leader or something else.
The people who sat down to share these offices failed to ask themselves a simple question: What if Udom is not the candidate at the long run? what if APC wins the election? their political allocations will amount to zero at the long run.
we are all aware that in PDP, the governor is the party leader and on that, he will decide who takes what.
But the fact remains, the PDP in Akwa Ibom is already in Government House Uyo even before INEC conducts the elections. A case of “putting the cart before the horse”.
I am strongly convinced that the list of local Government chairmen and councilors  have been compiled.
so you will have to reach out to the PDP chairman in the state to confirm if your name is there in case you had an interest for the elections.
Let PDP who wants to remain in power always show good example and not subject itself to ridicule.


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