Ahmed Musa Ibeto : Paying The Cost Of Loyalty.

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Succession, inheritance are necessary ingredients for a healthy family growth. The chief servant of Niger State was once quoted as narrating from the Holy Qur’an that he once mandated his trusted aide to help lead in a prayer, because he, Prophet Mohammed was sick. This act according to Governor Aliyu is “Sunnah”.
Now the chief servant of Niger State, Dr Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu is not physically seen to be sick and he is busy trying to impose a political lame duck of his successor in governorship elections of 2015. Umar Nasko is the Choice of governor Aliyu. Ok, who is Nasko ? His, tainted academic qualifications and questionable credentials and moral bankruptcy are in the public domain. This is the kind of political green horn the governor of Niger state wants to impose on an intellectually sophisticated state like Niger State.
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Now, let me ask the Governor some questions; For how many years has he known Umar Nasko as a politician? How many years did Umar Nasko serve his administration in his capacity as a commissioner and what were the factors that led to his removal from office as a commissioner ? What were the terms and conditions reached upon before the Chief servant brought him back as a commissioner and chief of staff aspiring to become the governor of Niger state?
Who killed the 5 star and 10klm road of the present administration? Where is the 500 million naira and 8billion naira, respectively? We need answers.
What has Ibeto done? What are his faults and is it a crime to be loyal?

Zainab Jacob is an Investigative Journalist

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