Again Benue/Nasarawa Held Peace And Security Meeting

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Rabiu Omaku

  • Miyetti Allah Advocate For Join Committee To Checkmate Criminals


Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has commended his Nasarawa counterpart, Engr Abdullahi Sule for his dodged and pragmatic approach to tackle insecurity especially at the border towns of the two States.


Ortom while quoting a chapter from the Holy Bible, calling on all parties involved in the furor to bury their hatchet for the interest of peace and unity.

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“We shall know them by their truth “adding that land, according to Land use Act, all lands within the States belong to the Chief executives.


“I was the Local Government Chairman of Guma in 1990 and I make case for an everlasting peace as of then”.


Governor Samuel Ortom averred that criminal elements in Taraba, Benue and Nasarawa State are those fomenting trouble in the region for their selfish gains.


Ortom pleaded with Fulani herders in Nasarawa State to abide by the advice of Governor Abdullahi Sule to promote peace within the two States.


“We convicted an Igbo, Egade, Tiv and Fulani’s for contravening our law, in fact yesterday a woman was arrested for allowing her goat invading a garden”.


He directed all security operatives stationed at the border towns to apprehend any member of the National Guard from Benue State and prosecute them.


He lament over the incessant raping and maiming of Tivs from Benue State, saying most of those causing mayhem are mercenaries brought in from Plateau State.


Ortom said ranching can work as a means of rearing livestock especially cows, calling on Miyetti Allah to be responsible.


“Be watchful of Ishaku, dreaded criminal causing wanton killings across the shores of Nigeria”.


He again commended Governor Sule and the Commissioner of police, Nasarawa State,Bola Longer for arresting Ishaku.


The Governor of Nasarawa State, Engr Abdullahi Sule in his speech also applauded his Benue State counterpart for tackling COVID-19 Pandemic in his State.


He however thanked Me. President for sending Special Forces to quell the fragile peace between the sister States.


He stated this during a peace and security meeting organized on the instance of Governor Sule at Yelwata, Stating that Governor Ortom is more of Fulani themself considering the number of cows is counterpart has.


He made case over the unabated skirmishes in Obi, Keana and Doma sharing boundary with Benue State.


Governor Sule appealed to Fulani herders not to cross border considering the existence of anti-grazing law that was in operation in Benue State.


Nasarawa State assured his counterpart of an end to the unabated crisis in the three sister States.


Nasarawa Governor announced the arrest of the dreaded criminal Ishaku by the Nasarawa State police command.


The Chairman of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, Nasarawa State, Muhammed Hussaini appreciate the effort of the two Governor’s.


He expressed concerned over the ungodly treatment meted on their members especially grazing along the border town.


“Mr. Governor Sir, Fulani’s are your brothers, we have criminal elements conniving with their colleagues from Benue and Nasarawa State”.


Advocate for Join Committee to checkmate those criminal elements in Keana, Doma, Yelwata and amongst other border towns.


Dr.Daniel Abonsi, a farmer who spoke behalf of TIV nationalities eulogize the two State Governor’s for the frantic steps taken to addressing the sporadic killings.


The Andoma of Doma, Alhaji. Ahmadu Aliyu Ogah lauded the host Governor of Benue State for the sincere speech to bring an end to the re-occurring crisis.


Saying the people of the two sister States must leave in peace for the interest unity.


He called on  the two Governors to expedite action to create visible marks at the boundary of the two States.


He said the demarcation of boundary lines would go a long way in addressing the prolonged fiasco to end boundary dispute.


Calling on Fulani’s to shun people’s farm produce for the sake of peace.


A monarch from Benue State Dr. Sule Agbenga sued for unity amongst traditional rulers.


The meeting ended with an exchange of pleasantries amongst traditional rulers.

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