After Sponsoring Political Crowd To Announce Defection Amidst Killings, Gov Matawalle Plots Against Dep Mahdi For Holding Smaller Rally

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As earlier and accurately reported by DESERT HERALD about impending plots to impeach embattled Deputy Governor of Zamfara state, Mr. Mahdi Aliyu Gusau for the “offense” of refusing to betray the party (PDP) that brought him to political limelight as Dep Gov by decamping along with his Governor to the APC, indications have now clearly emerged that with the rubber stamp Zamfara State House of Assembly blindly behind whatever decision Mr. Matawalle takes the days of Mahdi as Dep Gov is numbered.




While it is on record and well documented too that Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle amidst the unfortunate killing of over 200 citizens of his state by armed Fulani bandits within one month and abduction of many coupled with the fact that thousands could not go to their farms due to glaring threats of attacks and killings, have recently spent so much money in sponsoring a huge political gathering to welcome his defection from the PDP to the APC and in addition to what his government reportedly spent in hosting APC’s bigwigs including state governors that witnessed the highly flamboyant, unnecessary and insensitive event, the Governor and the House of Assembly now wants to crucify and eventually impeach the Deputy Governor for the ‘offense’ of holding a smaller rally, with virtually no money compared to the amount spent by Mr. Matawalle during his defection.


The flimsy excuse given by Mr. Matawalle during a recent interview is that he and his deputy have decided and agreed since the incident that resulted in the death of several supporters by a car accident during a rally that political rallies have been banned and that both of them will adhere to it for the purpose of showing concern for victims of banditry and kidnappings in the state.


Zamfara citizens that were interviewed by DESERT HERALD wondered the difference between an elaborate and expensive gathering that was sponsored by Matawalle and the much smaller rally that was done to welcome Mahdi Gusau after the defection of his boss and as the new leader of the PDP in the state.


They also lamented which one is more insensitive between that of Matawalle that is not necessary and at a time when the state lost over 200 innocent people to bandits and that of Mr. Mahdi?


They also asked that if the two governors of the southeast whose states are enjoying more peace and security did not recklessly and with the highest degree of insensitivity organised such a wasteful gathering after their defection to the same APC, why will Mr. Matawalle decide to do that at a time that will show and demonstrate irresponsibility on the part of a leader that always pretends to show concern about killings and insecurity in his state?


They, therefore, demand that if the members of Zamfara State House of Assembly are really true to themselves and are true representatives of the people among whom includes the over 200 that were recently killed by the bandits, they should first invite and sanction Governor Matawalle for his gross acts of insensitivity and for wasting public resources to hold such a large and sponsored gathering at a time many homes in Zamfara are mourning the killings of their loved ones by bandits before inviting or punishing the Deputy Governor.


Failure to do that according to them will show clearly to the world that the House Members are indeed rubber stamp and compromised.


DESERT HERALD reports that during the brief ceremony last week at the Presidential Villa to formally welcome PDP governors that defected to the APC, notable Zamfara APC leaders including the immediate past Governor, Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar, and former Sen. Kabiru Marafa and all their supporters are conspicuously absent at the ceremony that supposed to be historic for the APC and Matawalle.


Keen political observers of Zamfara politics told DESERT HERALD that the deliberate absence of such notable figures shows clearly that the Zamfara APC is even more divided after the coming of Matawalle and that supporters of Yari have vowed never to leave APC and that they will remain there and engage the Governor from within.


As the intrigues to impeach Mahdi Gusau by all means through frivolous allegations intensified and a compromised House of Assembly was willing to do the dirty job even against the interest of their ravaged people and at a time all energy was supposed to concentrate on how best to tackle banditry and stop the killings and kidnappings, it remains to be seen in view of the threats of Matawalle to his Deputy during his recent interview how he (Mahdi Gusau) can survive an impeachment agenda that has long been plotted and perfected.


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