Admission Scam Rocks University Of Jos Over Remedial Programme, As Parents Count Their Loses

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Yakubu Busari

The University of Jos is one of the institutions that introduced remedial science courses under the Faculty of Natural sciences, that even charged more than the regular university students or undergraduates but since the resumption of office of the present Vice-Chancellor, it has not been palatable for indigenous candidates pursuing a career in sciences.


Parents of students that applied to do remedial courses owning to an academic deficiency in meeting the requirements for admission are regretting paying a huge amount of money the remedial sciences programme.


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Information gathered from sources within the management of the University of Jos indicates that the institution has openly sold remedial forms running into millions of naira to prospective students who have a science-oriented background to enable them to advance their careers in sciences courses after the programme.


This medium gathered most of the parents are counting there loses for the amount they spent for one year struggling to meet up with the academic challenges which their wards and children ended up reading courses that have no link to natural science.


Also, some of the parents are now lamenting that the university of Jos can’t give their children admission, after completing the programme as a remedial science student with the hope of studying any science courses on graduation,  but are surprised that students were now offered to study Fine and applied arts, adult education, music, physical education and others courses not related to any science course.


With the recent release of the admission list of the University of Jos, it is astonished to see remedial science students offered to read Learning Disability, adult education, music and so on as earlier mentioned.


It is very disheartening to note also that gaining admission into the University of Jos has become a  case of the highest bidder for any person looking for science-related courses of study.


A parent who spoke with this medium, Mr. Musa Lohbut said, ” my son just completed his remedial course in the University of Jos intending to study pharmacy, unfortunately, he was offered Fine and applied arts despite the huge amount paid for the programme, he told me that he will not accept the offer, I couldn’t believe him thinking he was joking, after persistently persuading him to see reason to accept the course he said that if I don’t believe him I should go to the remedial science notice board and check, the following day I went to the notice board and I saw his name offered admission to study Fine and applied arts, I was confused over the reality. At the notice board, I heard many students were lamenting over the admission. I did not stay there, I went straight to the H.O.D’s office for inquiry on the change of course, but I was told that we must complete the registration first before we can apply for a change of course which is #30,000.00 “, equivalent to the school fee.


I tried to convince my son to accept the offer, but he said will not accept the course and it is better for him to stay without schooling.


On his part another parent, Mr. Danjumma Gotak also described the admission of his son as equal to none, saying how you can relate this scenario that a student was admitted as a remedial science with the hope of studying science, but very regrettably was offered to study Adult education with his background of science. To me, this will further affect the psyche of the student because that was not what he intended to study.


“My son finished his remedial science and was offered to read Learning Disability, I want to ask, does this relate to any science course? I know how much I spent as his fees so I am not pleased with what the University of Jos did.” This is uncalled-for, I appealed to the University of Jos to reverse back the admission of remedial science students and properly place them into science-related courses. I also appealed to the institution to find another alternative or scraped the department of remedial science, because there are no bases in whatever the situation. I think the department was created for some special people and not for the generality of the masses if not one cannot apprehend this.


I expect that the University should first of all consider and place a priority on the remedial students during admission than any other department so that it will augment the huge amount paid. This beat my imagination and I advised parents to be aware of the bad habits of the University of Jos.


The management immediately removed the list of successful candidates from the noticeboard to avoid embarrassing themselves.


Efforts to speak with the PRO of the University of Jos, Abdullahi Abdullahi proved abortive as he wasn’t ready to answer calls placed on his phone.

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