A Rejoinder To The Vituperation Of A Commercial ‘Scholar’, Kabiru Gombe 

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Tukur Mamu


By now it is very clear to millions of Muslims that can reason and read between the lines that the mission of Mallam Abdullahi Bala Lau’s attack dog, Kabir Haruna Gombe, to Kaduna in this blessed and holy month of Ramadan is not to educate and preach the words of Allah to the ummah but to perform the difficult task of convincing Muslims that found more than enough reasons to subject their highly corrupt leadership to scrutiny so as to prove to us ahead of the upcoming Ed-el-Kabir celebration (don sun wasa wuka suna jiran bayin Allah su bada fatun layya) that they are indeed transparent and trustworthy to be trusted in future with our annual hides and skins contributions and the millions they are wasting and ‘shrewdly’ diverting to highly misplaced priorities and on projects they believe they can easily manipulate our collective intelligence to justify such huge expenditures such as the millions they claimed to have incurred in establishing and (mis)managing Manara Television. We all know by now how the satellite station crumbled and woefully failed despite our individual investments through their fraudulent heights and skin initiative.


The guilty are always afraid, suspicious about themselves and uncomfortable. They created questions and provide answers during their Tafsir to even issues they are not expected to. These rabble-rousers always try – in their desperation and because of the material benefit they derive in this world to – justify actions even when their conscience did not tell them so. That is what we have seen so far in the conduct and practice of the JIBWIS faction under Bala Lau and Kabiru. Kabiru Gombe has so far wasted this year’s Ramadan Tafsir in attacking my person (although too afraid to mention my name), raining insults and abuses that defines the type of scholar he has always been. A so-called scholar (Kabiru Gombe) whom I always referred to as “a story teller” and whose nature of discipline and conduct ever since he started his misguided and money seeking Da’awa is to abuse, ridicule and insults senior, respected and more learned scholars whenever there is simple disagreement between him and them. As such he doesn’t deserve my respect. He is a perfect example of a donkey that carried sets of books with the hope that the books and the knowledge in them will be useful to the donkey even if the donkey will understand the contents and teachings in the books.


As a junior student that seeks Islamic knowledge, I know that even the most naive or ignorant Muslim (not to talk of a ‘Sheikh’ like Kabiru Gombe) knows that in Islam no matter how you are provoked, our noble  Prophet has taught us how to counter or contain such provocation in a more decent and mature manner; not the type of rantings, verbal insults and abuses that have been the trademark and practice of Kabiru Gombe ever since he started his money making venture called Da’awa. The good thing is that we can never deceive Allah for He knows the secrets of our hearts and the damage the likes of Kabiru Gombe are doing to Islam and its unity. If not because of their greed, class struggle, their desire and desperation to remain relevant and to be leaders by all means even if to the detriment of Islam and our collective unity, JIBWIS and indeed the Sunni in Nigeria would have remained one and under one leadership. But they always perfect and promote the division even as Allah warned us against it, as they continue to manipulate those in authority, position of influence, the ummah and their resources. For them, they have to use Islam, create disunity and division so as to maintain their flamboyant and expensive life styles. What did one expect from so called scholars each with four wives and each of the wife in different palatial houses in Adamawa, Gombe, Kano, Kaduna and Abuja than to use even Islam or the division they created so as continue to get the millions of naira through visiting lucrative offices in Abuja and shamelessly parading themselves as our leaders, convincing us to contribute hides and skins and soliciting for financial assistance from unsuspecting rich Muslims on behalf of JIBWIS. Certainly, since they value the world and the material deception in it than for the Sunni to come together under one leadership as Allah commanded us, they have to create means of maintaining their expensive homes and the wives they have very little time for.


In a desperate but rather failed attempt to tackle the issues I raised in his so called Tafsir at Tudun Wada, Kabiru Gombe has ‘shrewdly’ and deliberately avioded the key issues he was supposed to respond to and twisted many others to mislead his listeners (majority of whom are ignorant and are being carried away by his story telling). The Bala Laus are so frustrated and so concerned because all the issues I raised in my previous articles against them has made tremendous impact particularly in the minds of our elite from whom they are getting most of the favours they are intimidating us with. The good thing is that the educated, the learned among us are seeing enough reasons to justify what I am writing against them – the division of JIBWIS and particularly the conduct of the Bala Lau-led faction because most of those elite and rich Muslims are victims of their exploitation in the name of Islam.




In the interest of our religion and those that are reading or listening to us, Kabiru should respond publicly the manner he attempted to defend their ineptitude and corrupt conduct at his “story telling arena” called Tafsir the following posers and observations as follows:


(a) Why did Kabiru ‘craftily’ avoid the major issue I raised in my previous articles during his recent vituperation about the division they created in JIBWIS, as a result of which two factions of JIBWIS all claiming leadership emerged? Can he justify what they did under any circumstances?


(b) Why did they find it difficult to obey Allah’s specific and direct instruction to ALL true believers NOT to divide or create division among the ummah and to unite under ONE umbrella? Why did they find it difficult to emulate Al-Hassan Ibn Ali (RA) when for the sake of Islam, unity and in obedience to Allah he conceded leadership to Mu’awiyah Bin Abu Sufyan (RA) and as a result of which Islam witness its largest spread in history?


(c) Are they not aware that JIBWIS has only one registration? Is it legal and morally okay for a regious organisation that is supposed to lead by example through strict adherence to the law to flagrantly disregard its legally approved registration with the CAC by creating faction and each faction running its affairs including opening and operating bank accounts, spending people’s money and even collecting contributions?


(d) Why did they disregard the plea and admonition of Sheikh Yusuf Sambo Rigachikun publicly at Sultan Bello Mosque shortly after the death of a member of their faction, Sheikh Alhassan Sa’ed Jos for all of them including him to fear Allah and unite JIBWIS under one umbrella? Sheikh Rigachikun was visibly crying when he was appealing to his colleagues. He was courageous and sincere enough to blame the division and factionalisation not only on the Bala Lau faction of JIBWIS but also on the faction he belongs to under Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingir. Have we heard any such move or effort from the power hungry leaders of the other side notably Bala Lau, Kabiru or Yakubu Musa? Why did they ignore and refuse to accept Sheikh Sambo’s public regret and offer? Kabiru should explain. Sun nuna wa duniya su shaidanu ne.


(e) In a letter dated 12th January, 2017 Bala Lau wrote to Malam Adamu Ciroma to solicit for their usual financial contribution using Manara Television as one of the conduit pipes they are using to generate and siphon millions that are being donated by the privileged in the society, Bala Lau in justifying their letter of assistance to Ciroma clearly stated that they are spending a whopping sum of $1,022,845.00 (equivalent to over N373 million) annually in running and maintaining Manara TV/Radio. If the claim of Bala Lau is true, Kabiru Gombe should justify such huge spending to the ummah and justify why this misplaced and failed project of operating a television station is far above the priority of investing such money in establishing a modern hospital for the ummah that are contributing the money or to massively invest it in Da’awa so as to effectively cover the remotest villages and bushes to take the message of Tauhid to millions of Muslims and even none Muslims that are losing faith daily due to ignorance and lack of consistency from religious leaders that are getting so much and doing very little to the religion. By the admission of Bala Lau in the said letter to Ciroma which I attached the scan copy to this piece, it means they have spent over N1 billion since the establishment of Manara TV/Radio station. What a staggering sum. One can imagine the benefits Islam and Muslims would benefit from over N1 billion if the huge sum was properly invested.


(f) Kabiru should also be courageous and sincere enough to tell us the relationship between his boss, Bala Lau and the fraudulent so called consultant of Manara, Mu’azzam Ibrahim and how much they have paid his company, Almasdar Company Limited, with the proceeds of the hides and skins we are innocently contributing every year. He should also explain the justification behind the letter Bala Lau wrote to Mu’azzam about the debt of over N86 million Almasdar is owing Manara. We know that Mu’azzam is only a conduit pipe.


(g) In his defence of justifying a TV station for the ummah that are largely ignorant about Tauhid, Kabiru has left us in no doubt that even if we contribute our heights and skin to them again they will still use the proceeds on white elephant projects like Manara. Are the majority of the people we should have targeted for Da’awa having access to even electricity not to talk of affording electronics or access to satellite stations? Why do we have to target the elite and people that are having access to Da’awa in the cities to justify Manara TV at this stage of gross ignorance and at a period many are committing shirk in villages and bushes? Kabiru should also provide these answers too.


(h) There is NO way Manara will succeed because the initiators don’t have iklas, they have politicised it and using the station to defraud and manipulate Muslims and to deny fellow and more learned and respected scholars access to it. Kabiru should tell us why will they deny other Sunni scholars using flimsy excuses access to a television station we all contributed in establishing? Are they telling us that other neutral sunni followers that are sympathetic to Sheikh Jingir’s faction or the thousands of Sheikh Dr Ahmad Gumi’s students and admirers have not been contributing their hides and skins for the sake of promoting Islam over the years? Scholars that are yearning for publicity have to lobby them before they will feature in Manara Television. What manner of religious leaders are they?


(i) Kabiru Gombe also said in his myopic defence that they opted to waste millions in building a hotel in Abuja that will only accommodate a small ratio of the ulama on periodic programmes in Abuja in preference to either investing the huge sum on Da’awa, modern hospital or to inject such fund in the university project because according to him there are no decent hotels in Abuja that will be suitable for Muslims and their members or visitors. This claim to all sane person is preposterous. He has provided enough justification for us to believe that the hotel project is also another conduit pipe and that it is not meant to generate funds or revenue for JIBWIS as they have hitherto deceived us. The naming of the hotel after late Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi is also another deception to justify the misplaced project. Certainly, the late Gumi wouldn’t have opted for a hotel in preference to more pressing challenges if he were alive today. Is such a project a priority to an ummah consumed by ignorance, disease and squalor? Is it not even better to invest such millions in Borno and Yobe IDP camps by providing the needed items and incentives to lure them and by sponsoring scholars to take the message of Allah to them so as to prevent hundreds that are being converted into Christianity by missionaries disguised as international NGOs? Why can’t they also spend such resources in the dilapidated gidan masu musulunta da mu ke da shi a Kaduna? The big house which was given as wakaf was dedicated to teach, feed and accommodate Christian converts that were rejected by their families should have attracted the largest share of the proceeds of the hides and skins we are contributing every year in view of it’s importance to us as Muslims. But they have never received a single contribution from the Bala Laus of this world. As it is, committee under a respected elder, Alhaji Hashimu Mai Atamfa are finding it rather impossible to run the important centre, pay salaries of teachers and as a result such converts that are facing enormous challenges are left to decide their destiny after accepting faith. Some have returned to their former religion because of lack of support from those that are managing our millions. Are these kind of priorities not more important than gina hotel, ko wajen wanke gawa or wasting millions to maintain a useless venture like Manara TV? Kabiru should explain. And most of the guest that are being accommodated in the hotel free are personal guests of Bala Lau, Kabiru and some of their influential members.


(j) On the adventure and tourism that took Bala Lau and Kabiru to many western countries recently in the name of so called Da’awa, Kabiru has indicted himself in the justification he tried desperately to convince his listeners during his brand of Tafsir. He admitted that while in Germany they came across a teenage girl that recites the holy Qur’an eloquently and that they are amazed. That has confirmed my earlier claim that during their visit they met an already learned and highly enlightened Muslims perhaps and rightly too, more learned and enlightened about Islam and Tauhid than those in our villages and bushes they abandoned at home during their jamboree foreign trip. Is such a wasteful visit a priority? Will Allah ask Balalau or Kabiru on the day of judgement why they didn’t visit such countries to take the message of Sunnah or Islam if they didn’t embark on the journey or Allah will ask them why they didn’t concentrate in their locality to penetrate it consistently with the resources they are getting on our behalf? Kabiru should explain. Irin wannan tafiyar ko da da kudin su su ka yi bai halatta ba. Kara’i kawai suke yi.


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(k) And now Kabiru is proudly telling his ignorant listeners that they want to build a modern office, mosque and a modern place for washing the dead in Abuja. He said they wanted wajen wanke gawan to be of the same standard with that of Makka and Madina. They are also not our immediate priorities at this challenging time. How many standard Sunni mosque do we already have in Abuja? How many years did Saudi government take to develop and provide the modern place for washing the dead? How many of Muslims do we have in Abuja if one compares them with the population of other Muslims across the country for them to contemplate such misplaced projects in addition to the hotel and wasteful Manara project they took there? The intention of Bala Lau and Kabiru is to use our resources to have such projects in Abuja so that they will find it easy to perpetuate their romance now and in the future with those in power and authority.


(l) Kabiru Gombe has also deliberately avoided the issue of diverting Hajj seats and employment slots I raised against them during his failed attempt to justify their greed and excesses. Such Hajj seats and employment slots are meant to be distributed to the poor alaranmas and ‘yan agajis they always exploit but they always share it amongst their family members, cronies or people from Lau village.


(m) Why should Kabiru waste his precious time on me since as he boasted they would deal with me in the court? Is he no longer having confidence in the court they took me to?


(n) While Bala Lau and Kabiru are living in a life of affluence, extravagance and flamboyance through the proceeds of what they are getting as a result of JIBWIS, they left the families of one of the founder of JIBWIS, who registered JIBWIS, late Sheikh Ismaila Idriss and the likes of late Sheikh Rabi’u Daura in great difficulty. The likes of Mallam Aliyu Maigora and many others are struggling to survive while their so called leaders are swimming in millions. Justifying the job they gave the son of Sheikh Daura as an excuss is nonsense since they woefully failed to assist the father during his most difficult time up to the time he died. They are just capitalist scholars eating in the name of Islam.


As for the issue of verbal insults he did against Sheikh Dr Ahmad Gumi and even accused the erudite scholar of using and motivating me to write against their manipulation of religion, I will leave Allah to judge Kabiru’s claim against Sheikh Gumi. It seems very clearly that Kabiru still does not know who Sheikh Ahmad Gumi is. He also does not know me well enough. The Ahmad Gumi I know and interact very well with doesn’t need me or anybody if he wants to fight anybody or group. I must admit now that it was the same Sheikh Gumi that Kabiru always loves to abuse who stopped me from challenging the legality of creating two faction of JIBWIS in a court of law. It was the same Gumi that Kabiru is too afraid to mention by name during his vituperation who convinced me with reasons to withdraw the suit I initially filed against him and Bala Lau for mismanaging the proceeds of our the hides and skins and for their mismanagement and ruining of Manara TV. I will campaign vigorously, including taking legal action, against ANY attempt by them to perpetuate their fraudulent collection of hides and skins again because Kabiru has confirmed to us in a recorded audio another set of misplaced projects they want to embark upon with the proceeds in addition to their plans to inject more millions in the moribund Manara TV. Ya ce shi da jahilai za su yi mummunar addu’a a kai na in ban daina rubutu a kan su ba. Yaushe Kabiru ya zamar da Allah da ya fi kowa adalci marar adalci? It is only Allah that knows the secrets of our hearts, so millions of such prayers from Kabiru or anybody can NEVER affect me.


I hope Kabiru will be courageous and sincere enough even if he will use his method of misleading and sweet talk to answer all the above posers. I will always be available and ready to respond. He and Bala Lau are only clever by half.



Mamu is the Dan-Iyan Fika and publisher of DESERT HERALD newspaper and magazine 

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