A Message To Dan Galadiman Ningi, A Random Thoughts

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The settlement of the Bauchi state House of Assembly crisis over the leadership tussle on Friday the 2nd of August 2019 come to many as a surprise, not because of anything but for the dimension the crisis is taking and the forces behind it.

You may recalled that a leadership crisis erupted in the house immediately after the emergence of the Honourable Abubakar Y Sulaiman and Danlami Ahmed Kawule as the speaker and deputy speaker of the house on the 20th of June 2019,where at the same time the former speaker Hon Kawuwa Damina and his few colleagues loyal to former Bauchi state Governor MA Abubakar also inaugurated themselves outside the assembly chamber and declare himself as speaker,something many regarded as a big comedy.

Honourable Kani Faggo of the Shira/Giade federal constituency brought the matter to the attention of the national assembly that led to the formation of a committee by the Hon speaker Femi Gbajabiamila and sent to the state for a fact finding mission to ascertain how true that only eleven members of the thirty one members-elect,elect Dan Galadima as the new speaker,how possible two speakers emerged among other things;the committee’s report led to the declaration of the house by the speaker that Bauchi state Governor, Senator Bala A Mohammed to reissue another proclamation for a fresh inauguration of the house and the conduct of new leadership election within thirty days, failure to this,the National assembly will take over the affairs of the assembly as in the case of Edo state house of Assembly crisis; but the late night settlement of the crisis and taking of oath by the faction of Kawuwa Damina bring an end to a two months leadership tussle to rest,this was achieved after numerous calls by all that matters to the faction of the members-elect to put Bauchi state first in their heart above any body’s political interests by well meaning Bauchi people.

This is a welcome development to the state and by this I’m appealing to the members to sheath their swords and concentrate on their work of law making and a watchdog to the executive through the institution of check and balances,regardless of party affiliation for the development of our dear state.

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My message to the speaker is,let him used the crisis to serve as a lesson and also an eye opener to him for the successful running of the assembly through the use of every available expertise advice and suggestions in the making of principal officers and leadership of standing committees of the house,he should also engage the services of reliable and experienced individual to serve as his aides,those that will attract him sympathy from his colleagues,the executive and the general public,those that can be a gate opener to constructive criticisms and suggestions from the relevant quarters, not those lieutenants that will become a stumbling blocks for important personalities to reach out to him for a serious law making business as well as creating a very cordial relationship with the executive for a better and a prosperous Bauchi state.

Mr speaker, our problems as a state and as a people are not farfetched in the areas of health, education, water and environment sanitation, rural as well as urban development,building of infrastructure among others, I’m appealing to you to look into the existing laws that has to do with the above institutions with collaboration of both the executive and the judiciary and see how possible to make amends if need be or introduced new laws that will help in no small way in the building of a new Bauchi state battered by the last administration of MA Abubakar.

Through this, the assembly as representative of the people should look into the issue of decadence in our public institutions especially our schools and hospitals,the proliferation of private  clinics,private schools and private colleges of education as well as private health institutions across the state and their ways of extorting money from people without corresponding results.

With the increase number of traditional medicine vendors in our markets and other public places, using microphone and the incessant usage of vulgar words in selling their products,the assembly should as a matter of urgency make laws banning this and provide a regulatory body for the enforcement of same,they should also revisit a law sponsored by Hon Muhammad Aminu Tukur on the lottery and other related matters in the state (Bet 9ja etc).

Other important areas that needs the attention of the speaker and his colleagues are the issues of drug abuse and youth restiveness(Sara Suka),the reckless driving of our motorists especially Trucks, Achaba and Keke Napep drivers etc,there is need for the assembly to enact a law that will give room for the establishment of a functional rehabilitation center in the state for our teeming drug addicted youths and a regulatory body that will look into the issue of road traffic users,something similar to KAROTTA of Kano state,this will create an employment opportunity to the teeming unemployed youths and a source of revenue to the government coffer

Another important issue that requires their input is the issues of quacks and unqualified teachers in our public schools, the speaker should use every available means within the power of the assembly to see the possibility of the reintroduction of teaches training colleges in the state,similar to special schools and the reintroduction of guidance and counseling in our schools so as in the near future,our schools man power will be sanitised and hope to be restored in our schools as against the present disturbing situation where a pupil spent a complete primary school years with nothing to write home about, this sad reality is not only in primary schools but up to the junior and secondary schools level.

At the end,I’m appealing to the well meaning individual in the state to support this administration for the development of our dear state, this include the traditional and religious leaders, political partirs, and political organizations,youths and women organizations,students organization as well as numerous civil society organization operating in and outside the state.


Isyaka Laminu Badamasi

No 555 Ajiya Adamu Road Bauchi,Bauchi state.


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