95000 Metres Of Lands To Be Demarcated As Grazing Areas With 790 Drums In 11 Selected LGAs In Jigawa

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The Jigawa State Government said it has spent over N7,2 million to demarcate forest reserves in the Birnin Kudu local government area of the state.

The Executive Secretary Farmers Headsman Board Dr. Rabiu Miko Babura told our reporter that about 200 heaters of land have been converted as a grazing reserve in the forest.

Miko said the grazing reserves were established for peace to prevail,  following Governor Badaru’s directive for the establishment of the grazing reserve and cattle routes and watering points all in Iggi forest.

According to Dr. Miko the 200 hectares of land which is now a grazing reserve area,  is fully demarcated, and as he added that about four million Naira used for the demarcation of the boundary of Iggi forest.

According to him, eleven local government areas have been selected for demarcation in the state which is about ten thousand meters along the railway line in Gagarawa.

Also in Kafin Hausa, Adiraushe, and Kore villages, about 14000 meters are to be demarcated with 70 empty drums, and in Shabo village of Birnin Kudu, local government about 6000 meters are to be demarcated with 30 empty drums.

Dr. Miko further stated that in Kanju village of Gumel local government ten thousand meters of the forest will be demarcated with fifty empty drums, while Ruwan Tabo forest in Kiyawa about  8000 meters of land will be demarcated by forty drums.

Likewise in Gayan village of Kiri kasamma, the local Government 6000 meters are to be demarcated with 30 drums, and  Takalafiya and Gamayi village of Miga local government will also be demarcated with 30 empty drums.

He also said that in Dandutse village of Kazaure emirate about 8000 meters of the forest is to be demarcated with 40 numbers of drums for cattle routes from Gumel local government down to Babura local government 450 drums will be used to demarcate 45,000 meters of lands.

The secretary said a total of 95000 meters of land would be demarcated across the eleven selected local government areas of Jigawa state using 790 numbers of drums.

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