72 Year Old Husband To The Mother Of Abandoned Child saved at Orogwe In Owerri, Surfaces Claim Ownership Of The Child

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Dan Opara

In a continued efforts to actually ascertain the main reason and the real truth why a very young mother, Mrs. Chisa Ajuruchi, nee Chibundu, aged 20 years old allegedly abandoned her 1 year and 2 months old baby boy, little Master Ebube Ajuruchi,on Sunday,12th Oct.2019, in an uncompleted building near Orogwe Community Sec.Sch.in Owerri West LGA, Imo State.

Barely five days of recovering the baby boy and was officially handed over to the Ogbaku Police Division in Mbaitoli Area of Imo State, the Divisional Police Officer of Ogbaku, Pastor Matthew Iruke,in a swift chat with some newsmen in his office, condemned the ugly acts and actions of Mrs.Chisa,who after over one year of nursing her child decided to abandon her God-given gift and ran away to an unknown destination.

The DPO, while expressively, therefore, described Chisa’s act as against humanity and divinity, but assured the general public that the police shall continue rootlessly to ensure that she is arrested.

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On Thursday, Oct.17th 2019, one Mr.Samuel Ibeto Ajuruchi, age 72 years old, from Obiokwu village of Amakaohia-Ubi in Owerri West LGA, Imo State, appeared at the Ogbaku Police Station, claimed to be the father of the abandoned child.

Mr.Ajuruchi, in his statement at the police, hear him: “I am the father of Ebube, and he is my son. I got married to my wife, Mrs.Chisa, from Ohii, while she was about 6-7 months pregnant and I took very much care of her. Thank God, she successfully delivered. She is mentally fit, sound and very okay. Both my wife (Chisa) and my son ( Ebube) are very healthy as at the months they were with me at my house at Amakaohi-Ubi”.

“She is my third wife. After her childbearing, she traveled to Ohii, to stay awhile with her parents (Mr.Benjamin Chibundu, 87 years old, and Mrs.Theresa Chibundu,55 years old) who are my in-laws, but suddenly I heard from the Radio and the Newspapers concerning an abandoned child at Orogwe uncompleted building”, he disclosed.

Narrating his relationship with his 20 years old wife, Mr.Samuel, 72 years old, described their marriage of about one year as cordial but frowned at the height indiscipline and discourtesy lifestyles of his wife, Chisa, who attempted child trafficking.

“My appeal to the govt. and the police hand my son over to me. Let the police also assist me to find the whereabouts of my absconded wife”, Ajuruchi begged.

Also, the parents of Mrs.Chisa, Mr. Benjamin Chibundu,(father) 87 years, and Mrs.Theresa Chibundu, 55 years, from Obinaokwu village in Ohii, disclosed that their daughter, Chisa, was their last child amongst 7.

Mr.Benjamin Chibundu said ” my daughter is not a lunatic but I know she ran away abandoned her child may be due to frustration, difficulties, and hardship. Her husband was unable to take of them but it is too bad for the decision. Samuel failed to take good care of her and the child”.

Also in her own words, the mother of the absconded wife, Mrs.Theresa Chibundu, said “I am only going to say the truth. One young boy, Mr.Ernest Anaele, from Amanwaozuzu Iho in Ikeduru, age 23 years old, got her (Chisa) pregnant but his parents, especially the mother rejected the pregnancy alleged that his son, Ernest is too young to be a father, so they deserted my daughter. Having no option, we have to receive our daughter back home to Ohii, until one “Mr.City”, a Herbal Doctor, from Umunjam in Amakaohia-Ubi directed his kinsman, Mr.Ajuruchi, who came and married my daughter with pregnancy. And as our Customs and traditions demand, Mr.Ajuruchi is the traditional father of Ebube (Abandoned Child).

Chisa’s mother, Mrs.Theresa Chibundu, confirmed to the police that her daughter is mentally derailed but acted ignorantly.

Mrs.Theresa, however, appealed to the general public and all the security agencies to assist her family to locate her absconded daughter’s way about.

Meanwhile, the innocent abandoned child, Master Ebube Ajuruchi, is very much okay, healthy and comfortable in a govt. designated motherless babies home in Owerri, Imo State, through the office of the Ministry of Gender and Vulnerable Group.

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