59 Persons Reportedly Hospitalized With Suspected Cases Of Meningitis In Plateau, With 2 Confirmed Cases

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Yakubu Busari

At least no fewer than 59 persons have been hospitalized in Plateau State with suspected cases of meningitis and two confirmed victims.

The Commissioner For Health, Plateau state, Hon.Dr  Kamshak Kuden who disclosed this in a world conference to herald and mark the 10th commemoration of the World Malaria Day celebration world over in Jos at the Joseph Gomwalk state secretariat.

He explained that, as for now no any reported cases of meningitis in the state apart from 59 suspected cases record available.

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Dr Kuden has revealed that at the 60th Assembly of the world health organization (WHO) in Geneva 2007, every 25th April government set aside to mark for world malaria Day to reflect on the gains of global fight against malaria.

He ,however said , government had concluded arrangement to reduce the scourge of malaria through  immunization over 2000 malaria mortality rates have fallen by more than 25% and 50 of the 99 countries with ongoing malaria transmission are now on track and have .et the 2915 .

The commissioner cautioned that estimated population of 660,000 people worldwide mainly children under five in sub-Saharan Africa died every year with more than 200 million cases occur were most of these cases are never tested or registered .

Dr Kuden added that though the long lasting diagnostic test and 42% using microscopy insecticidal net coverage for households having at least one LLIN was 42 and LLIN utilization was 29% for children under age 5 and 28% for pregnant women.

Dr Kuden called on all the people of plateau state to utilize the long lasting insecticidal treated nets to households, achieving over 89% coverage as recommended by WHOM.

He urged everyone in the malaria community from primary health care workers, to drugs and LZIZN manufacturers, epidemiology, volunteer health worker our active partners and the transmission of lymphatic filariasis and malaria.

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