50 Reasons Why Ndi Imo Should Not Vote Owelle Rochas Okorocha By Save Imo Group

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1.  What projects have you completed and commissioned since 2011 and at what cost?
2.  Where is Imo State public fund worth N26.8 billion handed over to you by Gov. Ikedi Ohakim.
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3.   Where is N13.3 billion bond proceed from Oguta wonder lake project?
4.    What is the stage of work at the Oguta Lake of Treasure as renamed by you?
5.    What is the stage of work at the Marine University Ose-Moto which you have spend over N10 billion?
6.           Who bought or leased Adapalm Nig. Ltd?
7.           Where are IROMA trucks and equipments valued at N12.5 billion?
8.           Where is the supposed N3.5billion proceeds from the sale/lease of Adapalm?
9.           Who is the owner of ROCHE?
10.       Who leased or bought ITC and what is your relationship with Emeka Duru, the man that leased ITC?
11.       How much was realized from the sale or lease of ITC and where is the money?
12.       Who are the real owners of LAMTECH that leased our general Hospitals and Health Centres and how much did they pay and where is the billions of Naira paid?

13.       What is the rationale in leasing out functional Hospitals/Health Centres only to start building New General Hospitals?
14.       How do you intend to furnish the Hospitals and provide Medical Personnel if at all the projects will come to fruition?
15.       What is the actual stage of work in the 27 general hospitals as your administration is claiming completion of the hospitals, while Imolites know that you only succeeded in doing some block work on them? Please respond.
16.       What is the position of Okigwe Princess Hotel and Orlu Prince Hotel which you have paid over N6 billion each to some Spanish who left after collecting Imo Public Fund?.
17.       What did you do with over N60 billion 13% Imo producing derivation received from Federal Government from 2011 to date?
18.       What did you do with billions of Naira received for Ecological Control fund?
19.       What did you do or doing with billions of Naira received from Federal Government as Sure-P allocation?
20.       What did you do with over 200 billions of Naira Local Government Allocations?
21.        Who owns ABN Global that leased Concord Hotel?
22.       Where is 2.5m dollars paid for the lease of Imo Concord Hotel?
23.       What is the true position of “Abortion Bill”?
24.       Who is the owner of Imo European University which was built with Imo Public Fund and Sighted in your home town Ogboko?
25.       What is the stage of work at the Mbaise Imo State University Campus which you said was going to be ready by December last year?
26.       How many of your 15 kilometers Road in the 27 LGA has been completed after purported to have invested over N60 billion on them.?
27.       Have you recovered the Imo Public Fund worth N1.8billion which Joseph Dino and J pros you brought took away in a 419 manner?
28.       When are going to give lands to owners of Areas ‘K’, ‘R’ and Ekwema whom you took their lands with C. of O, promising them allocation after re-designing.
29.       When are you going to pay the few contractors that are still alive their money or do want them to die like their colleagues, for working for you?
30.       What benefit did Imolites get from your frequent business trips to Kosovo 3 times, USA 6 times, United Kingdom 5 times, Turkey (once), India 2 times?
31.       Who actually built 305  School Buildings in the 305 wards ?
32.       Is it true that you are claiming Federal Government Projects to further deceive Imolites?
33.       How many bungalows are in your spibat premises? Some say it is 30 bungalows?.
34.       Do you know that you have inflicted poverty/madness on Imolites to the extent that most of them are leaving in the round about you built?
35.       Do you know that your regime has witnessed more deaths if compared with past administrations?
36.       What is your qualification? INEC said you have “Masters” but “Masters” is no qualification.
37.       A publication quoted you as having Diploma in Law, LLB, LLM and Doctorate in Law (in view) but you did not introduce yourself as a Lawyer when the Lawyers had there summit in Owerri months back and as somebody who read law, why is it that you don’t obey the rule of law and you don’t follow due process?
38.       Did you at any time promise to govern Imo State for four years?
39.       How would you feel if you lose the 2015 elections?
40.       Did you ever supply Tukombo vehicles to ALGON in place of new vehicles?
41.       Did you ever supply fake vaccine to Bayelsa Government years back?
42.       Why did Obasanjo sack you as NAMA Chairman?
43.       How did you get money used in establishing Rochas Foundation School?
44. What is your reason for recommending dress code of black, White and Red tie/Staff for Imo workers?
45.  Where are you from because some people traced your origin to Immerienwe, while some say it in Ogboko, while others say you are Hausa because of your facial look?
46. Have you ever been involved in 419 businesses?
47. Pastor Bosun Emmanuel in his tape produced by CRM tapes Ministry Redemption Camp Km 46 Lagos – Ibadan Express –way Ogun State revealed that Owelle Okorocha and Gov Orji Uzo Kalu are agents of Islamization of the South East and Imo State in particular. Is this true?
48.   Is it true that your Wetheral/Okigwe Road Roundabouts and  most other Roundabouts bears Islamic symbols that is part of the Islamization process of Imo State?
49.   Is it true that the new government house chapel built by you has the combination of mosque and chapel colouration?
50.  Is it true that the unknown statues at the Nwaorieubi – Mbaitoli Roundabout are Ocultic symbols to keep the area in bondage by you?
Thanks reply before the Governorship Election date as failure will create/mold voting opinion against or in favour of you.

By Save Imo Group.

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